RFID Guard Tour Reader System USB Waterproof Stainless Steel 7200 Record with Display

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RFID Guard Tour Reader System USB Waterproof Stainless Steel 7200 Record


  Reader mode: automatic sensor reader technology, without key 
  metal structure: metal shell, waterproof, shock-proof, anti-high temperature, cryogenic 
  Chinese display: full Chinese operation prompted 
  Supported languages: Simplified, Traditional, English and other support language 
  reader technology: the 
  bulk of the Swiss EM sensor reader technology : the number of records in data storage 
  security 7200 : power-down after the data can be stored for 30 years 
 download faster: only 180 seconds to download all the data 


The unified technical parameters of the patrol Recorder

Reading technology

Proximity Reader

The storage record total data

7200 records

Reader response time

< 0.1S

Indicating the way



96*64 LCD


14 2 * 35MM



Baud Rate


Operating Temperature Range

-20 ~ ~ ~ 70 

Operating humidity range


Working power consumption

3 0mA

Using the battery

3.6VRechargeable Li-ion Battery

Standard accessories

Lithium batteries, communication lines, holster, charger

Software Description:

1, the system uses a number of design, the use of more flexible set; 
2,said the patrol line and patrol officers on the lower level tree structure subordinate relationship between line and staff; 
3, for each the lines location can be freely Sort residence time can be set for each location and special time; 
Patrol plan formulated by month, and is set for a specific time period, such as :2001 -06-21 08:30 - 2001-06-21 12:50 for a time period, that is, during this time period of the line in each location Patrol. This time period can be divided into several times a day, for a few days time, depending on the circumstances set flexibly. And can set a special date, time. 
5, in order to better adapt to patrol officers, the system in two ways: one is the identification of each officer with proximity card, another is unworthy personnel card, but in a scheduled patrol more plans, but also the appropriate personnel scheduled. 
6, patrol the results of the query can be any combination of the many conditions; 
7, according to the month, time and personnel statistics Patrol results; 
8, in order to use the system data is more secure, the administrative privileges given to the operator by the system administrator; 

equipment installation ,

patrol install: 

1) first determine the mount point (not below ground 1.5M), and a chance to impact drill mount point red (6mm) in diameter hole.
 2) record good the corresponding installation location of each patrol point (installation point setting that corresponds with computer Patrol).
 3) First determine the mount point (not below ground 1.5M), retake the impact of drilling on the installation point red (2 holes) embedded in the rubber stopper. 
4) Open the cover plate with self-tapping screws. 
5) Replace the cover boxing can. 2, the standard installation program: 1, according the the patrol route length design Patrol point layout scheme: In principle, each floor one per line of sight, each one hundred meters, important or complex lot location must be buried patrol point . Patrol configuration: each patrol route in principle on three separate patrols, each class set of induction Patrol, the set can be decided according to the actual situation. 3, correctly install the software, each patrol route the buried wall Patrol point eight the number corresponding to the actual locations described in the software one correspondence set (be careful not to set the error, otherwise statistical inquiry to be wrong). 4, the use of the process, the provisions of the cycle download data, normal for one week, one week data is greater than 2000, can shorten the cycle. Patrol data by administrative personnel to process the data storage and backup, the query and statistical reports submitted to the administrative department. 3 management software is installed ) the Patrol system software is properly installed according to this manual. 2) extract data, USB data computer and patrol rod linked to. 3) during the inspection and computer to communicate with any operation, inspection, must be in the energized state, otherwise the operation is unsuccessful.

Apply to:
Petrochemical industry: refining and chemical production unit patrol; storage and transportation pipelines, oil tanks patrol; gas pipeline gas production operations enterprise, equipment safety inspection. 
Power industry: high and low voltage power transmission line tower, transformer equipment inspection; substation, power plant equipment inspection; 
railway system: Public Works patrol Road Management; vehicles patrol; inspection for the substation and lines of communication; 
public security system : community policing patrols; Patrol patrol; the prison patrol management of 
the armed forces: border outpost, quartermaster library patrol patrol 
schools, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, industrial and mining enterprises, residential property fire protection, anti-theft, security patrol management.

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