Security Patrol Guard System RFID + Fingerprint Waterproof Display

Security Patrol Guard System RFID + Fingerprint Waterproof Display

   inspection system from research fingerprint data logging devices, patrol point and software. Patrol a U.S. import induction there are laser engraved eight hexadecimal encoding information point, each sensing point number globally unique. Will have a different encoded patrol points placed at the polling location, and coding and corresponding placement set in the computer. Patrol officers wear logging devices, data logging devices near the patrol point in the inspection process with 3-5CM. Chinese prompt, customer data confirm Patrol officers went to Specify polling location, induction patrol point, it is necessary to use fingerprints to identify their status before normal project operations (completely eliminate behalf of the prosecution) work. Will read the fingerprint information, project information stored in the data logging devices can enter inspection project value; managers logging devices into the communications lines connected to a computer, computer applications Patrol patrol more data is read into the computer archive. Analysis, processing, statistics, and making statements at any time for managers to provide managers with a scientific, accurate assessment basis.

Second, it works:
  research fingerprint patrol military industrial-grade chips and a number of unique combination of technology, so that the inspection be extended in the function and application range of the ordinary patrol, collected a variety of special requirements and designated Commissioner inspection, convenient hand accurate data acquisition. Ordered data acquisition. Widely used in electricity meter reading water meter reading, petrochemical, railway, animal management, flow time and attendance, industrial set parameters records

Color screen fingerprint Patrol:
fingerprint technology: using fingerprint recognition technology, completely eliminate buddy punching; 
structure: engineering plastic shell, waterproof, shockproof, high and low temperature, the drop is not damaged; 
reader: Support TI-Tagit ISO15693 
language , ISO14443A/B/C standards; support: support Simplified Chinese, traditional Chinese, English and other languages; 
Color Display: TFT2.4 inch HD TFT display (240 * 320); 
operation interface: VISTA operator interface, , simple and beautiful; the 
intelligent navigation: route navigation undetected and repeat reader prompts; 
project management: to define the parameters of each inspection point, to facilitate data collection; 
smart tips: humane project parameter input prompts. (Maximum, minimum, default value); 
precision of the data: the high-precision data recording (extremely-bit); 
unit is defined: 250 units of measurement; 
battery indicator: a multi-level display of battery power; 
data browsing: Browse fingerprints, the data directly, project information; 
early warning function: storage battery warning function; 
rights management: multi-level fingerprint Rights Management 
keyboard input: full-featured keyboard input; 
bulk: the number of stored records 10000; 
safety: power-down after the data can be saved 30 years; 
Communication: USB 2.0 data download, no cradle;

Technical parameters: 
Reader mode EM, TI's the proximity card agreement 
storage record number of 10,000 
fingerprint record number of 300 
single-point project number 15 
data values maximum input digit decimal point before 8, after four can enter 
Logical choice 5 
units of measurement in item number 250 
reader reaction time <0.1S 
display TFT 2.4 inch 240 * 320 high-definition color display 
communication baud rate 115200 
communication USB 
Operating temperature -40 ----- +70 
size 160 * 68 * 44MM

Patrol point 
integrated circuit chip sealed housing, waterproof anti-corrosion, durable, can be used in a variety of harsh environments. Each sensor number is not re-code, no power supply. 
The number of reading cards:> 350,000 times 
life: one-piece> 20 years; card> 10 years 
ambient temperature: -40 +85 
Size: public security dedicated: diameter 6CM, thickness: 1CM 
Weight: 50g

3, communication cable the USB2.0 standard high-speed communication lines, completely sealed to protect data transmission smooth


5, the lithium battery with charger      

      Brought the battery      lithium battery purchase is unsaturated and the therefore need full before 
      . If the battery voltage is not enough, the power-on LCD "Please charge  
      indication, then the need to charge the battery, otherwise cause the battery to excessive discharge 
      electrical lead to cell damage. 
      Implementation of the standards: GB T18287-2000 
     Note: If a long time without using the Patrol, please remove the battery until the need to                   
                              fashion into the host

Fifth, equipment installation

Patrol point installation: 
1) First, determine the mount point (not below ground 1.5M) records the good of each patrol point corresponding to the installation site (installation point setting that corresponds with computer Patrol). 
2) a chance to impact drilling (2 holes) embedded in the installation point red rubber plug. 
3) Open the cover, with self-tapping screws. 
4) Replace the cover boxing can.

The standard installation program: 
1, according to the patrol route the length design Patrol point layout scheme: each inspection of the project location to install a. 
Patrol configuration: each patrol route in principle on three separate patrols, each class set of induction Patrol, the set can be decided according to the actual situation. 
, Fingerprint instrument set a specific point, to put an end to the inspection staff cosmetologists card. 
Correctly install the software, each patrol route the buried wall Patrol point eight the number corresponding to the actual locations described in the software one correspondence set (be careful not to set the error, otherwise statistical inquiry to be wrong). 
5, the process of using the provisions of the cycle download data, normal for one week, one week data is greater than 2000, can shorten the cycle. 
By administrative personnel to process the data on Patrol data storage backup related queries and statistical reports submitted to the administrative department.

   3 management software is installed 
) the Patrol System software is properly installed according to this manual. 
2) extract data, using standard SUB-pass line computer and data logging devices online download. 
3) during logging devices and computer communications, patrol, must be in the energized state, otherwise the operation is unsuccessful. Software features    Features: 1, the system uses the the digitizer design, use and set more flexible; 2, using a tree structure clearly patrol line and patrol officers on the lower level affiliation, line and staff ; 3, the location of each of the lines can be freely sorted, the residence time and the particular time can be set for each location; Patrol plan developed by month, and is set to a specific time period, such as :2001-06- 21 08:30-2001-06-21 12:50 for a time period, that is, in this period of time to this line each location Patrol once. This time period can be divided into several times a day, for a few days time, depending on the circumstances set flexibly. And can set a special date, time. 5, in order to better adapt to patrol officers, the system in two ways: one is the identification of each officer with proximity card, another is unworthy personnel card, but in a scheduled patrol more plans, but also the appropriate personnel scheduled. 6, patrol the results of the query can be any combination of the many conditions; 7, according to the month, time and personnel statistics Patrol results; 8, in order to use the system data is more secure, the administrative privileges given to the operator by the system administrator;

quality of service and follow-up support after-sales service products sold customers are most concerned about the issue, but also a reflection on the the project contractors strength and development capacity. 
The company's products, three months is a quality problem responsible for the limited warranty, one year warranty; lifetime maintenance; software free upgrades for life. 
The following is not a limited warranty, the warranty coverage: 
1, due to abnormal operation and man-made or natural disasters caused damage; 
disassemble any part in the change machine (such as: line, parts) cause damage; 
II such as the user is in the process of using a service problem the company implemented the following forms: 
1 phone troubleshooting. 
2 software via telephone lines, e-mail, and remote monitoring and maintenance. 
3 sent by courier company the gyrus research customer service department, responsible for the maintenance in two days sent back. 
4 door services: For door-to-door service users need written notice to the customer service department of the company, indicate Services and fault surface reasons, sent within 24 hours after the confirmation of the customer service department responsible for telephone assistance service (limited to the urban within the customer). Third, the above non-maintenance warranty within or outside the warranty period, the charges in the following manner: given a maintenance fee based on the specific circumstances. 2 the parts fee (FACT) in the Company site service, the company has dedicated service the single cross User sign in order for the record the record.

Fourth, the product design updates to improve or software upgrade, immediate notification and assistance to the demand side of the supply-side has run system improvements to improve, and provided free of charge a new version of the software, the user of the system is the most advanced level and most perfect state.

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