RFID-based Immobilizer Engine Fuel Lock Alarm for Car Vehicle Auto Security

RFID-based Immobilizer Engine Fuel Lock Alarm for Car Vehicle Auto Security

IC card stealth car alarm

1 , product outline:


Thank you for choosing our products, your choice will bring your car to better security.

The stealth security locks research and develop is directed against the

Current thiefs Approaches of stealing or robbing a car.

RFID non-touched style stealth lock is the high-tech anti-theft device Produced by us to enhance the security of your car by using completely leading third-generation digital-chip anti-theft technology. That is to say we upgraded the original automobile remote control security to a more reliable digital chip security which will relive your concern.


This product may guard against the copy of the keys, match of the remote control or multi-remote, decoding and signal interference of the remote control, picklock of the vehicle and so on. The stealth locks are fit for the vehicle of new or old, all those with 12V Power Supply and those which the remote controls are easily decoded.


The stealth locks are high-tech digital products, different from the others in the market, please carefully read the installation manual before using.


2, Five Features of IC card stealth car alarm


(1) stealth the bystander is unable to distinguish

(2 )non-power supply IC card is not equipped with battery, long-term use

(3) simple, touch-free automatic reader

(4) Uniqueness, Identify the owner identity only, zero

Inter-lock ratio

(5 )safe, The IC card chip is unable to duplicate


3 ,Function Features:


This product use advanced RFID the radio frequency IC chip technology, with the Inductive password encryption transmission. the digital key has as many as 18 codes to make it unique and not be decoded, so you can use it without any worry. Moreover the Inductive digital key requires no battery, can be used lastingly.


Relieves security:

When The smart card is close to the position of the inductor, the system sends out Di! Di! automatically two short sounds, the security system relieves. in 30 seconds you may start the vehicles.


Enters security:

After the engine stops for 15 seconds, security system automatically starts.


After the automobile induces, in 30 seconds if the automobile electric switch is not turned on, the auto security system starts.


Power failure memory:

When security suffers the power failure destruction, no matter how much time it suffers, the security system will restore itself after 5 seconds in the electricity condition.


The protection alarm: the automobile electric switch is turned on or illegally started under the alert condition, the engine power and the oil-supplied (feed) power will both fail at the meantime which causes the vehicles unable to start and the security system sends out the warning.


When your vehicle borrowed, parked by others, delivered back to the factory for maintenance or used by invited drivers, you may use the service pattern (security system close).when vehicles returned, start the security system.

The stealth lock can be installed undercover which makes the thieves can not see or touch, more securer. Start without swiping the IC card will lead to the alarm and the start failure, which make the security system stronger.



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