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12V wired ceiling gas leak alarm combustible gas detectors days combustible gas


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12V wired ceiling gas leak alarm combustible gas detectors days combustible gas
Model : 2009495797


The patented gas sensor , no passivation , lower power consumption and longer life
Unique design , can sense gas, natural gas , liquefied petroleum gas
MCU intelligent control, self-test , to prevent false positives and eliminate false negatives , stable and reliable
Can be used alone , but also with the solenoid valve / robot control system network , sound and light alarm, automatic reset
Flexible installation
Power does not alarm within 2 to 3 minutes

Technical parameters:
Induction gas: gas, natural gas , liquefied petroleum gas
Alarm concentration : Gas : 0.1 to 0.5%
Natural gas: 0.1 ~ 0.3%
LPG: 0.1 to 0.2%
Power supply: Ceiling : 12VDC / 24VDC
Working environment : Temperature : -10 ~ 50 °; relative humidity ≤97%
Operating Current : 100mA
Alarm volume : ≥85db
Extended ≤20 seconds gas concentration : response time

\" 1\" and \" 2 \" for the power line , \" a \" negative \"2\" being , \"3\" and \"4 \" for the relay output terminal ( without the positive and negative points ) , directly connected to networked host control port ( if when not using the Internet may not be connected at both ends , with the user wishes to availability )

Installation note :
1 First determine the proportion of combustible gas and air then this household gas leak alarm is fixed at a suitable location within a radius of 1.5M from the gas source to install .
· Gas - lighter than air , floating aloft

· Natural gas - lighter than air , floating aloft

· Liquefied petroleum gas - is heavier than air , accumulate in low

According to the wiring diagram connected electricity power lines and signal lines , the red light flashes , indicating that the state has entered a preheated probe , about 1 to 3 minutes after the red light goes off ( ceiling for the green light ) , the alarm into the monitoring state. When the sensor and intelligent judgment after a gas leak , issued a \" drip - drip \" sound the alarm , warning lights flashing red light , after exclusion of police intelligence , the alarm automatically resume normal operation.
Such as sensor failure alarm is issued a \"tick - \" long song , fault lamp ( red ) lights , while the output alarm signal , troubleshooting, automatic return to normal working condition.

Detection maintenance:
Under normal operating conditions the alarm continued to vent about 5 seconds injected into combustible gas ( usually a lighter to no ignition ) , the occurrence of sound and light alarm , the statement function properly.
Often with a vacuum cleaner or other methods to clear pores of dirt into the sensor and oil ;

Do not install outdoors ;
Do not install the vent , ventilation fans , doors and other large air volume flow areas ;
Do not install in a place beyond -10-50 ° ;
Do not install in a very damp places ;
Do not install the alarm object and gas equipment isolated place ;
Avoid extensive use of solid hair spray , pesticides , paint adhesives, thinners alcohol in the vicinity of the alarm ;
In the event of failure, do not disassemble repair alarm ;

Alarm handling :
When the ambient air concentration of combustible gases concentration reaches or exceeds the alarm set , the alarm will continue to enter the alarm state, then you should:Immediately turn off the gas pipeline bolt ;
Now open the windows so that the indoor air circulation ;
Extinguish all ignition sources and all items ( such as open lighters, strike a match , etc.) can produce sparks
Avoid all kinds of electrical switches ;
Check gas leak causes, and promptly notify the relevant departments and related professionals.



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