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2 4 G wireless camera Mini camera is convenient handheld wireless receiver +screen in real time to watch


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2.4 G wireless camera Mini camera is convenient handheld wireless receiver with screen in real time to watch
Model : 1760091062


Product features:
2.4 G wireless camera, although/video output, the camera is small in size, no installation, electricity can be used on
With convenient handheld receiver, can be recorded while see, local storage, playback
Areas of application: baby/elderly care, anti-theft shop, the common appearance, building, street, non business hours security monitoring work, family, security monitoring, etc.
Camera parameters:
380 Lines of horizontal resolution, support high quality images
,Built-in microphone, support voice monitoring
,Optional channel 4 set to anti-jamming 
,For the safety of children and the elderly care is especially suitable for, and guard against applicable to guard against theft, non business hours security monitoring work, family,Security monitoring and so on.
Product technical parameters
CMOS image sensor: a third - inch
Effective pixels: PAL: 682 x 582 NTSC: 510 x 492
Horizontal resolution: 380 Lines
Perspective: 62 ゜
Minimum illumination: 1.5 Lux/F1.5
Gain control: automatically
The transmission frequency: ISM 4 ch 2400 MHZ to 2483 MHZ
CH1:2414 MHZ CH2:2432 MHZ CH3:2450 MHZ CH4:2468 MHZ
Transmission signals: FM
Transmission power: 10 mw
18 MHZ bandwidth:
Working current: 80 ma
Work environment humidity: 85% RH
Working environment temperature: - 10 ~ + 50 degrees Celsius / 14 ~ + 122 degrees Fahrenheit
Temperature: - 40 ~ + 85 degrees c / - 40 ~ + 185 degrees Fahrenheit
Size: 23 23 23 mm x x
Weight: 20 g
2.4 G of handheld video receiver parameters:
Support 2 g - 16 gb of MMC/SD card 2.0 PC USB interface and convenient connection.This machine of AV straight record, you can use it to your favorite recording!2.4 G receiver, AVI format, recording effect is clear and realistic, and maximum extension 16 G, taken on (date) (month) (year) and the dynamic display of time.2.4 G/audio receiver, 2.5 inch TFT LCD monitor, 2.0 the USB interface, support OTG, are free to receive four locking channel.Can be directly will receive audio/visual signals recorded.(new machine without a card, a maximum extension 16 gb. In addition, this product support external 20 G high-capacity mobile hard disk. Protect you in the video memory space limit. Player part of this product, is like a MP4 player, MP3 / AVI format mpeg-4 player, JPG format picture browsing, support TV record straight. This product can connect directly to the external display. The product is mainly characterized by wireless receiving storage, support 2.4 G four frequently way, support 2.4 G camera. This product is also equipped with a 2.5 -inch color screen, the user can record while watching, also convenient screen playback. This product is also equipped with USB interface, user content, can be easily imported preserved in personal computers editor. This product is also supported, directly connected to the camera, record store images
Wireless Channel receiver: 4 ch (Channel Frequency: CH1 = 2414 MHZ; CH2 = 2432 MHZ; CH3 = 2450 MHZ; CH4 = 2468 MHZ)2.4 GHz channel 4, manual and automatic switching
LCD screen size: 2.5"
Resolution: 640 * 480 320 * 320
Video compression: MPGE - AVI maximum 30 FPS
Broadcast formats: mpeg-1 / mpeg-4 / MP3 / MP4 / ASF
Image file formats: JPG/JPEG
Storage: xinji has no memory
Flash CARDS: support for 16 GSD
The file system: FAT32
Language: English and Chinese
Power supply: AC adapter DC5V2A
Internal battery: the lithium polymer battery 1800 mah
Standby time: wireless video recording 3 hours, video play 4 hours.
Operational guidelines for school official cites use:
Use [on], [], [left], according to [identify] after [right] key to select into the menu.
1. Choose the video memory Settings - set the video storage directory
- memory
- the SD card
2. The examination has storage capacity and memory
- memory
- the SD card
3. The format - set the packet format
- memory
- the SD card
(once confirmed, all data will be deleted.)
4. The system time Settings - set the system date and time (suggest) set before first use
5. Display setting - setting the AV output
- TV_PAL output
- TV_ NTSC output
- the LCD output
6. The picture brightness setting screen brightness of the system
According to [left] to reduce brightness, according to right to increase brightness.
7. Set the language - the language setting system use
- Chinese/mandarin
- English/English
(there will be more after the update language provides selection)
8. System restore - factory set reduction system
- is
- no
Product parts list:
Receiver accessories:
Wireless receiving host X1, charger X1, cable X1, AV line article X1, ear wire X1, battery X1, manual X1
Camera accessories:
Wireless camera X1, travel charger X1, battery terminal X1
The customer requirements
A. The company's products for replacement and repair in a year.
2. Since the customer purchase from the date of the products of our company, any quality problems within a week the company for replacement.
3. Product replacement conditions: the product appearance is in good condition, the factory seal products in good condition and complete accessories.
4. One of the following circumstances, does not implement the guaranteed repair and maintenance but fees may apply.
1. Don't use the company to provide the power adapter, high voltage burn out.
2. Products for customers to use or improper safekeeping of be affected with damp be affected with damp, damage is caused flooding.
3. The seal tear or customers to open into the problems of product quality.
4. By force majeure (lightning, earthquake, fire and other natural disasters) cause damage.

Article 1 the ear line

Battery 1 piece

Manual 1 the



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