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2 4 G wireless monitoring wireless USB suit +lithium electricity night vision camera USB wireless monitoring receiver


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2.4 G wireless monitoring wireless USB suit with lithium electricity night vision camera USB wireless monitoring receiver
Model : 1760080059


Product introduction:


USB receiverThis card is a 4 channel wireless video monitoring software of the Windows operating system.With advanced video browser separate algorithm, various reminders, including schedule timers sanp, channel control, and sound.It can handle up to four channels video inputs, take pictures of the speed of up to 30 frames per second from a USB video capture device.It used in the video encoder in the Windows installation, high quality video effect, record the AVI file format.Files can be played with Windows Media Player or Real Player such as JPEG image snapshot can from the video image.Other features include safety manual control channel, etc.

This four pictures showed at the same time, we can match four wireless camera use, store image can only choose a camera images of the store.
Receiving frequency: 2414 MHZ, 2414 MHZ, 2450 MHZ, 2468 MHZ
Wireless receiving distance: empty shine up to 50 meters, have resistance up to 10 to 20 meters.
Applied in: computer (for computer is English version of the software), driver installation is simple, has a diagram to explain instructions.(note: this product is XP, Windows 7 system hardware respectively, please buyers to shoot down notes. If no remark by default XP system.)
This receiver can match me 2.4 G wireless camera in the shop.Also can connect the cable to use camera (USB acquisition card function, 1 road cable input).

 The wireless USB DVR volume: 7.9 * 2.8 * 2.8 (cm)

 4 road 2.4 G wireless audio and video

 Image capture 30 frames per second

 Mediaplayer play AVI video format support

 720 * 576 wide-screen, smooth video display image transmission rate 30 frames/s

 Animation image resolution is 1400 * 1152

 Automatic control brightness image brightness advanced digital video control function

 Form a complete set of software which can realize video management and mobile alarm function.

Camera parameters:

380 Lines of horizontal resolution, support high quality images
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, continuous work time at least 4 hours
Built-in microphone, support voice monitoring
Optional channel 4 set to anti-jamming
Barrier-free working range of 100 meters
For the safety of children and the elderly care is especially suitable for, and guard against applicable to guard against theft, non business hours security monitoring, home security surveillance and so on.

Product technical parameters
CMOS image sensor: a third - inch
Effective pixels: PAL: 682 x 582 NTSC: 510 x 492
Horizontal resolution: 380 Lines
Perspective: 62 ゜
Minimum illumination: 1.5 Lux/F1.5
Gain control: automatically
The transmission frequency: ISM 4 ch 2400 MHZ to 2483 MHZ
Transmission signals: FM
Transmission power: 10 mw
18 MHZ bandwidth:
Battery performance: + 5 v (DC) plus or minus 5%, 500 ma
Battery capacity: 500 mah
Working time: 3 to 4 hours
Night time: 2
Working current: 80 ma
Work environment humidity: 85% RH
Working environment temperature: - 10 ~ + 50 degrees Celsius / 14 ~ + 122 degrees Fahrenheit
Temperature: - 40 ~ + 85 degrees c / - 40 ~ + 185 degrees Fahrenheit
Size: 25 X 75 X 25 mm
Receive frequency:
CH1:2414 MHZ CH2:2432 MHZ, CH3:2450 MHZ CH4:2468 MHZ

Product accessories: USB wireless acquisition card X1, CD X1, camera X1, power adapter X1.

The customer requirements
A. The company's products for replacement and repair in a year.
2. Since the customer purchase from the date of the products of our company, any quality problems within a week the company for replacement.
3. Product replacement conditions: the product appearance is in good condition, the factory seal products in good condition and complete accessories.
4. One of the following circumstances, does not implement the guaranteed repair and maintenance but fees may apply.
1. Don't use the company to provide the power adapter, high voltage burn out.
2. Products for customers to use or improper safekeeping of be affected with damp be affected with damp, damage is caused flooding.
3. The seal tear or customers to open into the problems of product quality.
4. By force majeure (lightning, earthquake, fire and other natural disasters) cause damage.


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