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2 4 G2W wireless video transmitter Wireless monitor


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2.4 G2W wireless video transmitter Wireless monitor
Model : 1760118563


Range of application:

1. The wireless video transmission system, wireless audio and video system;

2. Wireless monitoring system;

3. The baby care system;

4. WirelessPhotography system;

5. Remote-controlled transceiver system;

6. Wireless visual doorbell system;

Product features:

1. The working frequency is high, anti-jamming performance is good.

2. Adopt the new circuit, the new structure design, to ensure that the image and voice clear.

3. The selection of channels, and not easy to generate mutual interference between each channel.

4. Have applied extension function, strong adaptability.

Performance indicators:

1. The working frequency: 2414-2468 MHZ

2. Use the channel: 4

3. The double channel can transmit video and audio signals

4. The video signal indication: PAL/NTSC.

5. Audio input impedance: 1 k Ω video input impedance: 75 Ω

6. Power supply: 9-12 v / 2 a (DC) or 8 to 12 v / 1 a (DC)

Video input: (1) double track audio input (2) (6.0 MHZ NTSC 6.5 MHZ PAL)
Transmission power: 32.5 dBM
Current largest consumption: 500 ma
The input voltage: 12 v
Receiver frequency: CH 1 = 2414 MHZ CH 2 = 2432 MHZ CH 3 = 2450 MHZ CH 4 = 2468 MHZ
Receiving sensitivity: - 90 DBM
Receiver's biggest current consumption: 160 ma
The input voltage: 5 v video output (1)
Dual channel audio output (2) (6.0 MHZ NTSC 6.5 MHZ PAL)
Working temperature: 2.4 GHZ wireless audio emission receiver - 10-120 degrees,
Radiofrequency radiation distance: accessibility is more than 600 meters.

Note: this system contains a Transmitter and a Receiver in each one. "Transmitter" for launch was on the roof, the roof with "Receiver" for the Receiver.

Suit: accessories, are panel


The socket Launch on purpose Receiving the application
Video Video signal input port Video signal output
AUDIO R The right sound channel audio signal input port Right sound channel output audio signal
AUDIO L Audio signal left sound channel input port Left sound channel output audio signal


2, the rear panel



  Launch on purpose Receiving the application
The LED light The light is said power supply is connected High light said power supply is connected
The in DC / 9 V to 12 V / 1.5 V power adapter input interface DC / 9 V to 12 V / 1.5 V power adapter input interface
CH the SELECT The output channel choice Input channel selection
Ant The antenna The antenna


Directions for use:

1 choose device operating frequency.(note: a transmitter and a receiver operating frequency must be consistent, otherwise no like silent and receive no signal.)

2 the TV or monitor with audio and video line connected to the receiver of the audio and video output.

3 antenna installation equipment.(please pay attention to. In the installation and unloading antenna, please be sure to switch off power supply)

4 plug adapter, power light shine.

After installation of a transmitter and a receiver, observe the reception, by adjusting the Angle of transmitter and receiver antenna, make sound and image to achieve the best effect.



The emitter 1 (Transmitter) The receiver 1 (Receiver)
The power adapter 2 A small antenna Article 2.
    Audio and video line Article 2.


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