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3 5-inch screen works treasure CT700 monitor tester +12V output video tester


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3.5 -inch screen works treasure CT700 monitor tester with 12V output video tester
Model : 1255124273


Security Monitoring Network Tester CT700:

CT700Security Monitoring Network Tester

3.5HD screen , beautiful design, user-friendly interface , graphical menu , touch the button. Batteries can be replaced, tool bag !

Has CT700, installation and maintenance of surveillance systems are no longer boring , no complicated ! 2 -year warranty and lifetime maintenance !

Product selling point:

üChinese operation interface , graphical menus . Simple and beautiful

ü3.5Inch TFT-LCD display with a resolution of 960 * 240

üVideo System NTSC / PAL automatic identification

üVideo signal attenuation measurement

üImage generator, sending a variety of standard color graphics ( white , yellow, green , Green powder of red , blue, black )

üAddress scanning function Quick Find RS485 communication address

üPTZ renewals tests are normal continuous rotation pan

üPTZControl protocol code capture and display

üSupport Pelco-D.Pelco-P.SAMSUNG dozen other control protocols

üSupport RS232 and RS485 interface , the rate adjustable 1200-19200bps

üNetwork cable test function

üAudio test , the test end of the audio signal pickup

üDC12V/1APower output, provides temporary power for the camera

üBattery graphical real-time display , concise

üStandard Mini USB charging port

üLow power consumption, long working hours12Hour

ü18650 large capacity lithium battery, the battery can be replaced


1The ball machine or decoder PTZ control

CT700Built-in Pelco-D / P, SAMSUNG, Panasonic , etc. dozen PTZ control protocol, through the RS485 or RS232 interface, the user can control the PTZ The next Left . Right rotation , zoom and adjust the machine . focus . aperture size .

Support PTZ preset and recall function , the current state of the ball machine head horizontal angle . Tilt angle and position of the camera lens focal length and other parameters are saved into the system , but also through the system quickly recall presets .

CT700Preset position call through ball machine 's main menu , edit the parameters of the ball machine .

CT700The unique address scanning feature, you can quickly help engineers find the ball machine address. Maintenance works need to be maintained for some ball machine, ball machine may not know the address , if you want to remove the ball machine to check , the workload is relatively large . CT700 separate scanning capabilities that can help engineers find the ball machine address.

2The video test

3.5Inch TFT-LCD display with a resolution of 960 * 240

Video System NTSC / PAL automatic identification

CT700Via video OUT port, send a variety of formats (PAL, NTSC) color graphics , graphics section of white , yellow, green , Green powder of red , blue, black and a total of eight colors , through the monitoring center of the monitor whether to receive a color- bar to determine whether the normal transmission of video lines , meanwhile, through the monitoring center receives color graphics section , you can determine whether it is because there is attenuation or transmission interference caused by the color deviation of the device may also be video OUT port to send color pattern , while the iN port receives and displays for video transmission field tests , such as video optical transceiver . video cable and so on.

3. Data Testing

RS485/RS232 interface, the system can be captured via the keyboard or DVR control protocol code sent over , inspection and monitoring center room PTZ control commands transmitted data is received correctly , verify RS485/RS232 data transmission.

4. Network Cable Tester

By testing the RJ45 port on the system , you can test a variety of network cable connection ( any two lines or two lines or more ) ,

In addition to displaying UTP network cable connection , CT700 also shows cable number , engineers can accurately determine and mark the lines of the start and end positions , resulting in complicated cable heap quickly straighten network cable .

5. Audio function to test the front end audio equipment sound is normal

CT700Audio test function, you can monitor the front end of the video pickup and other audio equipment to be tested.

6. DC12V power output for camera power supply

CT700Specifically designed to power the camera DC12V/1A power output port , to provide temporary power supply for the camera is mainly used in some of the camera's on-site demonstration and testing , while there is no power for the project site , to provide a temporary power supply for the camera , CT700 power supply output to play a necessary role .

7. Built-in rechargeable lithium -ion battery might , graphical real-time display battery power , the battery can be replaced

Using large-capacity lithium-ion battery-powered , safe, reliable , stable performance. Charging time is short , the battery charging time6Hours , and the system work for up to12Hours.

Battery can be replaced , to extend the working life of the system .

Product parameters:

I. ball machine test
Communication Interface: RS232/RS485 bus can support

Communication protocol : Compatible Pelco-D/P.Samsung.Yaan 20 kinds protocols

Baud Rate : 1200,2400,4800,9600,19200 bps

Two . Video Test
Display: 3.5 inches digital LCD color screen with a resolution of 960 x 240

Video system : NTSC / PAL automatic identification

Video signal : 1.0Vpp

Video Input / Output: 1 BNC input, 1 channel BNC output

Video signal measurement : measurement of a video signal level range

Audio Test: Test sound is normal

Image Generator: via video OUT port, send PAL / NTSC multi-system color image of the video test signal

Three . Data test

Protocol code capture: can receive . Display control data sent RS485/RS232 protocol code

Four . Network Cable Tester
Cable test : Test any two lines or two lines above the line and displayed on the screen and the network cable connection sequence number

Five .12 V power supply output
Power Output: DC12V/1A DC power supply for the camera to provide temporary work

VI. Power
External power supply : DC 5V/1A

Battery: Built-in two 3.7V/22000mah rechargeable lithium battery , the battery can be replaced

Charge: 4-6 hours on a single charge to complete 12 hours of normal use

Energy-saving design : low power consumption, auto standby power-saving features , the battery icon is displayed in real time

VII. System settings
Operation Settings: Chinese / English OSD menu, optional

Auto Standby: 3-30 minutes

Keyboard Sound: On / Off

Eight work environment
Working temperature : -10 ° --- +50 °

Humidity : 30 % -90%

Dimensions : 175 * 105 * 42MM

Weight: 400g

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