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390-418 Mhz dual-band wireless remote analyzer support variety chipset decode code scan grabber vibration frequency


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The wireless remote control analyzer 390-418 Mhz double-frequency standby at the same time

Screen shows the actual frequency, is 390-418 Mhz!
Model : OK890418


Lifetime warranty!

Memory is 35 groups, and cars
Does not support the rolling code
Piracy machine use frequency limitation, this machine is absolutely not!


Wide range of console market, many equipped with remote control.Such as the fish machine.The great white shark.3 d animals, and so on the machine.Single machine such as the five-star macro fai, colour Jin Honghui, singled out the king may be killed!As long as you have the remote control can and hide and seek with the boss machine, once you have shake you know "dirty" boss in transmitting!!!Don't think are difficult to beat

A control points must treasure, the latest remote control, can also according to the remote control replicators (a control points must treasure)
You also cannot conquer machine for the pain?
You are still in the open for the boss to kill, remote machine play to depend on the worry?
It can prevent the keepers of venues open to kill, hiding the machine, the function of remote control machine, specific operation matters, please contact with oneself, quantity is with preferential treatment, the price is reasonable, the agent can do!Both boss or with remote control and others] instructions for you. You should first of all, open the switch, instrument indicator light will keep flashing, said the search signal, this time you take in, you can no matter, as long as the owner to use the remote control, we immediately the remote control to receive signals to give you a tip vibration
Are you a machine essential good product!
The wireless remote control analyzer 390-418 Mhz double-frequency standby at the same time
Screen shows the actual frequency, is 390-418 Mhz!
Receiving and sending module are custom-made, crystal vibration frequency stabilization
Superheterodyne receiver, table stabilized launch module, frequency precision
Not cheap frequency stability, no adjustable module!


Many friends asked questions about the price of special frequency, as a crystal vibration frequency is different, need you so much?Shopkeeper explain to each buyer friend, that's not a crystals, are two crystals add two tables, and peripheral circuit parameters are adjustable, the frequency of the crystals and table is unable to adjust, to mass production, special frequency and less on the market, production is low, the unit price also will be expensive, frequency, high frequency circuit parameters have to be coordinated, debugging, testing machine is different, the goods did not ordinary frequency, based on these reasons, the price is more expensive than ordinary frequency, of course, since we received your money, also must do, guarantee crystal vibration frequency superheterodyne receiver module, guarantee the sound table stabilized launch module, make the software according to the actual frequency, which is 390-418 Mhz, not like other shop sells show 315-433 mhz, look nice, by the uncomfortable, the mood, indirect influence you to make money, to your influence, perhaps GDP also affected, you say how serious the problem.

The batch price negotiable!



Take charge indicating full automatic stop, take relay function,With the function of self-checking,


Piracy machine use frequency limitation, this machine is absolutely not!



Product synopsis:

This product is a wireless remote control receiver transmitter production debugging project development and design, can automatically identify all information receiving and display of the remote control: frequency, chip type, vibration resistance, address code and data code (cycle).35 set automatically saved. 390-418 Mhz double-frequency standby at the same time other frequency (200 MHZ to 600 MHZ can be customized), various types of tips all functions through the menu Settings, no switches and jumpers, concise and easy appearance.Address code according to different chip type with pin connection mode or hexadecimal display, with computer software can be real-time display waveform(not even the computer can also be used independently)
, make the invisible radio signals become clear.
This device can also to some code for editing, and simulate real chip launch, in use can be flexible configuration of the chip work parameters, such as the chip, pulse width, vibration resistance, cycle time, address code and data code, the key code.
Have it is equivalent to have a multifunctional receiver and are free to set the working parameters of the remote control.Are you check the remote control and receiver is working correctly gratified tools.




Low 390-418 Mhz double-frequency standby (other frequency can be customized)
Low industrial CPU high stable response quickly
Automatic identification of low multiple chip (fixed code, learning code, rolling code)
Low speed automatically, the adaptive chip vibration resistance, vibration resistance and show the actual conversion
Low for encoding chip level editor (chip, resistance/cycle, address, data code)
Low frequency of two different voiceMachine without this feature (piracy)
LCD display, all functions through the menu Settings, operation is simple and intuitive
35 group memory automatically saved, large capacity, power is not lost
Low adjustable backlight model (to be automatic, normally open, often shut)
Low built-in antenna
Low connection computer can display real-time waveform (piracy machine without this feature)
Double frequency universal relay function, magnification increase remote control distanceMachine without this feature (piracy)
Low self-check program can be remote fault detection after the machines are soldMachine without this feature (piracy)



Working frequency: 390-418 Mhz (dual-band dual standby, other frequency can be customized)

Support chips (automatic identification) : PT2262, PT2264, SC2260, CS5211, PT2282, eV1527, PT2240, RT1527, FP527, HS527, SCL1527, MC145026, AX5326, VD5026, SMC926, SMC918, PLC168, HCS300, HCS301, HCS201 and their compatible chips (due to different prefix may not be the same, the same part number), native support most of the coding chip on downtown.

Data interface: a serial port turn USB

Sensitivity: - 115 DBM

The adaptive data rate: wide range

The input voltage: 9 v

Working current: 18 ma

Host size: 135 * 70 * 25 mm



Electronic instructions (PDF) to download 

Lifelong maintenance, quality assurance!Please see clear all manual pictures video to shoot!There is no quality problem. Our sale is a professional instrument, providing technical services, the mentality of god not to buy clothes, please purchase.



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