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6 led night vision driving record 198 f night-vision vehicle traveling data recorder battery


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6 led night vision driving record 198 f night-vision vehicle traveling data recorder battery
Model : 1759562161


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Product selling point

Built in 140 degrees of ultra wide Angle lens does not need external wide-angle lens
Car is automatically switched on video, shut down automatically shut down
Super six light night vision function, wave farther, let you see better at night (closed/open) can be set
Cycle recording function, automatically delete the old file to record the new file
Kenda within 2.5 inch TFT screen, through the whole road immediately playing video, need not busy looking for a computer to read the film
Video resolution 640 x480, 30 FPS rate won't miss high speed frame
Video images watermarking embedded date time, probative value
Biggest support 32 gb SDHC CARDS, meet the needs of video for a long time
Can lift type TFT screen, may at any time close the screen to save power
To support adjusting direction than the built-in camera adjustable direction not vibration model more solid picture

This type of vehicle traveling data recorder main characteristics are as follows:

1, seamless loop video: real realization of video section with no space between the segments, thoroughly break traditional vehicle traveling data recorder clearance.Among other machines are segmented to save, can leak for 3 to 5 seconds

2, a key lock function: if you want to save one of the paragraph, press the lock key This period will not be covered, can selectively will be permanent, some video don't have to worry about the long journey, photographed important video, and have to worry about the camera to continue work cycle deleted.

3, AVI format video recording, ultra wide Angle 120 ° lens

4, automatic ignition switch on video, shut down power off.

5, the biggest can support 32 gb SD card, automatic cycle cover video function.

6, built-in AV OUT video function, of output

7, preview and viewing modes: the preview/connect the computer USB/connections with the function of the AV equipment to watch

8, infrared lamp automatic photosensitive: when insufficient light automatically open the lamp.Although infrared lamp inside the car are ineffective, but but occasionally take out of the car, indoor place without glass block, such as in the night light cases, can use built-in infrared shoot!And can be manually shut down by setting the lamp!

9, 2.5 -inch display screen: to look over the record and playback, menu Settings, and so on!Cover GuanBing function, in the process of the video screen automatically shut off, effectively extend the life of the product

10, video synchronous recording at the same time, also can through manually close synchronous recording, your car for a private conversation!

11, removable lithium battery, can be in the absence of car charger, continuous work for an hour or more, convenient temporary holding.

Technical parameters

1: the video resolution: 640 * 480 pixels save format AVI

2: loop shoot support SD card (32 g) largest

3: with the function of recording the usb output

4:2.5 -inch color display: rotate 270 degrees

5: power supply mode: lithium battery/car charger


Taken the commodity characteristics
Have built-in six can switch type infrared night vision IR LED lights, when insufficient light source are detected automatically
Built in 140 degrees ultra wide Angle lens
When external lithium battery, battery changes it is more convenient to use
When the vehicle delay start function to prevent instantaneous electric current too big damage caused by the machine
Loop video recording function, you can be set into 4 types: closed / 2/5/15 minutes
Built-in microphone Gao Gan degrees
When can switch video/photo/browsing capabilities
Have LOW illumination shoot LOW LUX function
When horizontal installed on the car windshield simple quickly, not easy to shift to the driver's line of sight
Images can be set time and date, proof is more convenient
Support auto start the video Shut down automatically after shutdown archive
When resolution size: 640 x480 like number
When using SD memory card to store video files, eucalyptus, maximum support 32 GB memory card to bring your own)
Video function of power supply, can while driving record
Have a built-in 2.5 inch TFT LCD270 degrees can flip the screen to see over the video/pictures
The format of the video can switch three resolution
Have humanized operation interface, buttons, clear
When can through the car charger or USB connection of computer to charge
When video when can close the screen, the hidden and save electricity
New displacement detection video
Does the new new frame fixed hole slide design
When six languages pattern choice (English, Japanese, traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Russian)

This commodity standard  
Special foot frame, USB cable, car charging source, specification, detachable battery


Taken the goods specifications
1. The sensor: CMOS chip
2. Monitor: 2.5 inch TFT LCD screen
Size: 3. The video mode: resolution 640 x480 like number
4. Language: English/Japanese/traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese/Portuguese/Russian
5. The postmark date: on/off (when choose "close", video won't show time)
6. The date and time Settings: year/month/day/minutes/seconds
7. The default Settings: yes/no (select "yes" will restore to the machine Settings)
Settings: 8. Frequency 50 hz / 60 hz
9. Power supply: the lithium battery/car charger
Memory: 10. Support maximum SD/MMC 64 gb (memory card should bring along their own)
11. The tape: on/off
12. Motion detecting: open/off (display icon will flash on the screen)
13. Video to save time: 2 minutes / 5 minutes per 15 minutes/closed

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