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A9 strong magnetic locator locator personal locator car monitor strong magnetic


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A9 strong magnetic locator locator personal locator car monitor strong magnetic
Model : 1759632462





A brief introduction.

This product volume small, clear voice, long standby time, stable performance, simple operation.Can be used for remote monitoring, base station location tracking (such as: car rental, car to track, children the elderly care, emergency, etc.)

2.Method of use

1.Switch machine Please follow the instructions on the insert SIM card, the locator will be automatically switched on.Indicator of on 5 seconds out, into the working state.Remove the SIM card, the locator will automatically power off.

2.The remote pick up Direct dial locator number, you can pick up.

3.Query location to send SMS DW to locator, by SMS text/url query the location of the locator.aeProduct.getSubject()

The url can open by mobile phone or computer.aeProduct.getSubject()

4.Fence alarm text WL to locator, locator will automatically locate the current location and leave where about 500 meters.

5.Continuous positioning text DWL onto the locator, the locator will every 500 meters or so continuous positioning the location of the former, send DW0 cancelled

.3.Technical parameters

900/1200 MHZ band GSM/GPRS network

MTK chip

3.7 V battery

Storage temperature - 20-60 degrees

Working temperature - 10-40 degrees

Four.Difficult to solve

1.Locator will not start up or boot properly shutdown automatically?

A: please charge before use.1 time charge please charge 5 hours.

2.The locator can't normal charge?

Answer please confirm whether cable or charger is broken, please try again after change the cable or charger.aeProduct.getSubject()

Five.The attachment

Host 1

Article 1 the data line

The charger 1

1 specification

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