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ACR122U high frequency induction IC card reader UID card reader


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ACR122U high frequency induction IC card reader UID card reader
Model : 1366449810



This equipment is designed for m1 card analysis package customization, famous ACR122U reader compatible driver . Produced using NXP PN532 highly integrated reader chip , in line with ISO/IEC18092 (NFC) compliant and compatible with ISO14443 (Type A, Type B) standard . Using the USB interface to communicate with the computer and power supply , not only can read m1 standard compliance Classics (M1, M4, MUL) and DESFire cards, FeliCa card also supports NFC specifications meet the non-contact type IC cards.

  • Purpose of equipment

For lock repair industry in the information era industrial upgrading . Can achieve m1 One card ( commonly known as M1 card , S50 card, IC card ) replication , cloning feature . But will also apply to: card, access control , parking, vending machines, electronic purse , e-commerce , authentication and other fields, in the residential quarters, office buildings , factories, schools , hospitals and other industries in the non-contact type IC card applications .

    • Equipment Features

    1, USB full-speed (12 Mbps)
    2, support USB hot-plug
    3 , two-color LED status indicator
    4 , built-in antenna
    5, NFC reader
    Comply with ISO/IEC18092 (NFC) standards
    To 212 Kbps, 242Kbps speed read NFC tags Contactless Smart Card Reader
    Support FeliCa card
    Support meet ISO 14443 standard Type A and B cards
    - m1 cards (Classics, DESFire)
    CCID compliant
    6 , user-controllable buzzer
    7, SAM card slot ( optional )

    Equipment technology and indicators:
    1 . m1 card standard : 13.56MHz RF IC card receives and outputs
    2 . Read Range : 3 ~ 8 CM
    3 . Power supply voltage : DC 5V ± 5%
    4 . Supply Current : ≤ 65mA
    5 . Operating environment: Temperature : -10 ° ~ 70 ° Humidity : 10 ~ 90% RH Equipment Size:
    Size : 98mm * 65mm * 12.8mm
    Weight: 0.1kg
    IC card reader operation
    Connect the reader to the computer's USB port ( preferably connected to the USB port of chassis , in order to ensure stable communication , power supply is normal ) placed need to analyze m1 1 IC card to the reader . Under normal circumstances , the reader will issue a \" drop\" is heard, the indicator will turn from red to green . If no such changes occur , then place the IC card m1 1 card compatible types , the device is not recognized.

    • Software Installation

    Run vcredist_x86.exe, install Microsoft Visual C + + 2010 runtime.
    Run dotNetFx40_Client_x86_x64.exe, install . NET Framework 4.0 runtime environment.
    Run dotNetFx40LP_Client_x86_x64zh-Han **** e, install . NET Framework 4.0 Chinese language pack.
    Run \" Carpenter Card Reader Driver \" folder under the setup.exe, install the card reader driver .
    Run CardSmith_setup.exe, Carpenter installing the card m1 card analysis tool kit.
    Or directly run \"Install . Cmd\" (win7 Next please run as administrator ) .

    • m1 key analyzer operation

    Close all open software , make sure the dongle has been inserted into the USB port, and the green light ;
    To be analyzed card is placed on the IC card reader until the green light on the desktop and double click m1 key analyzer, start the software ;
    Select the reader to : ACS ACR122 0;
    Select \"Save results \" in front of the boxes ;
    Click the \" Select path to save \" button, select the location of records stored analysis is recommended to select D root directory ;
    Click \"Read all the information \" in front of Park Point ;
    Drag the \"Probe octave \" slider to 5 ;
    Check the \" User Key A\", \" user key B\" in front of box ;
    Click the \" reader \" button.

    At this point , the parser to work , IC card reader flashes red. After some time ( depending on the complexity of different keys ) , when they heard IC card reader issued a \"drop \" is heard , and the green light , indicating the end of the analysis process . At this point in the preservation of previously selected path, will generate a suffix for the dump analysis results data file. This file name to easily identify the name ( Remember: dump file suffix can not be changed , copied or m1 card cloning tool will not recognize ) .

    • m1 card copy cloning tool

    Close all open software , make sure the dongle has been inserted into the USB port, and the green light ;
    The target card ( IC card or a new blank rewritable UID cards ) placed on the IC card reader until the green light double-click on the desktop m1 card copy clone tool , start the software ;
    Click the \" Initialize\" button ;
    Click the \" Connect\" button ; ( If an error occurs , you can click the \" Reset\" button, and then re-execute step 3 )
    Click \"Import Data\" button , select the \"m1 card offline analyzers\" analytical results generated data files ;

    • Copying and cloning operation

    If you need to copy the card is as follows
    Modify the \"target card key \" behind the text box key , a key to the current card ( key is 12 hexadecimal digits , ie :0-9, AF, under normal circumstances is 12 F )
    Click the \" Data Copy\" button , IC card reader red light starts flashing , start copying card data to the card ;
    When the IC card reader green light indicates that the copy process is finished , then view the operation log , there is no error then the copy operation is successful.

    If you need to clone cards , follow the steps below

    Click the \" Clone card \" button , IC card reader red light starts flashing , start cloning cards ;
    When the IC card reader green light , indicating the end of the cloning process , then view the operation log , there is no error then the clone operation was successful.

    • Kelong Ka Operation copy card operated with distinction

    Different cards used : normal copy card with the new IC card , the UID can be rewritten using cloned card special IC card .
    Different results : copy card is other than 0 Sector 0 of the data write all the new IC card in general , to get a card with the same data as the original , but the UID number of different cards . The cloned card is accompanied sector 0 0 data , including all written can be rewritten UID special IC card , get a card is exactly the same as the original ( including the UID number ) cards.
    Card checksum : This function is used to verify the data on the card and the \" original card data \" are consistent with the data area , if it matches the corresponding block , the green label , if different corresponding block marked in red . Specific operation is as follows :
    Will need to verify that the card on the reader , and click \" reconnect \" ;

    Importing need to verify the card data file ;

    Click the \"card checksum \" button when IC card reader green light , indicating the end of the restore process , then check the operation log , such as error-free then the operation is successful ;
    If the checksum is common for IC cards, sector 0 0 data marked red is normal , because the average IC card sector 0 0 can not write data on the card and the \" original card data \" does not the same is normal .
    Card Restore: This function is only valid ordinary IC card , can be rewritten UID Do not use this feature special card ! This function is used to write data to the card has been emptied of data and passwords of all sectors into 12 F. When using this function , follow these steps :
    Use m1 key analyzer software, the data needs to be emptied card for data analysis ;
    Will analyze the resulting data file into m1 card Copy Clone tool ;
    Click the \" Card Restore\" button , when the IC card reader green light , indicating the end of the restore process , then view the operation log , there is no error then the operation is successful ;
    If you need to verify the card data is being emptied , you can import the \"blank card . Dump\", then click on \"card checksum \" , to be verified .

    • Analysis of replication tools with IC card

    M1 card cryptanalysis , data replication , cloning cards , card restore card checksum , data storage, data editing functions. Is specifically designed for the lock industry practitioners , pure Chinese interface is simple to use, the same software to be completed UID cards and general card reader work .
    Analysis of IC card lock replication tool only for sales employees , tools include: reader, analyze the replication tool software, dongle . From the date of purchase replacement within three months , one year free warranty and lifetime free upgrade and maintenance .
    IC card analysis tools and other instruments that replicate the difference between :
    IC card analysis replication tool for the industry initiative, launched in the domestic no other manufacturers of similar products on the market occasionally with the \" similar name \" products actually foreign free test software finished version, and features do not meet the needs of the lock industry basically not known products. Please master discernment . Table I.

    • UID card is and what it any different from ordinary card ?

    UID card is a card compatible with M1 specialty cards, these cards in M1 ( common ) cards based on the breakthrough M1 card UID range ( 0 Sector 0 ) can not be written to the limit , you can use the card IC card maker analyze the replication tool \" Caron card \" feature identical clone a card with the original goal of cards. Mainly for binding UID number of the IC card application .
    M1 Card UID card does not have the functionality , but can be copied using the IC card analysis tool in the \" Data copy\" function , in addition to the original card UID area ( sector 0 of 0 ) All data is written to the target outside the card medium . Mainly for non- binding UID number of the IC card application .
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