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All real-time surveillance video capture card HD 9300 video card chips + 9200 +8 road upgrades


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All real-time surveillance video capture card HD 9300 video card chips + 9200 +8 road upgrades
Model : 1149811712


NV9300 chips using the analog video signal to digital , real-time compression and stored in the system's hard disk or via a computer communication network transmission data sharing. The system can handle 1-32 channel video signal. Widely used in banking , electricity, telecommunications , water conservancy, intelligent building and other fields
Features ;
1 video preview using DirectDrwa technology, using H.264/MPEG video compression algorithms.
2 Single chip supports four video , two -way audio , single-system maximum support to the 32 . Preview maximum support to the D1, compression resolution is CIF.
3 excellent compatibility with motherboards and graphics cards , in addition to supporting 845,848,945, G31, P45 addition , AMD, VIA motherboards are also supported, compatible with the market most of the configuration.
4 network operating setting is very convenient. Has VNN / DDNS settings. Outside the network and then to the router does not need to open ports to support IE ​​browser , client site software, support centralized control software.
5 Support phone monitoring functions, including alarm hair color pictures ( cell phone needs to support admissible ) , real-time image monitoring.
6 video files take up less space , video quality is good. video effect, smaller streams , video, audio video synchronization , the average 60 ~ 150MB hard disk space occupied small .
7 The use of advanced digital image processing technology chip MV9300, 10 -bit sampling , clear picture quality , color reproduction is good , clean and clear preview card consumes very little power without noise.
8 supports motion detection , support for high-speed ball preset point setting and linkage alarm .
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