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AZ 9630 stickers inlays ALN-9630 SquiggletteRFID UHF RFID UHF 10 375mm * 44 5mm


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AZ 9630 stickers inlays ALN-9630 SquiggletteRFID UHF RFID UHF 10.375mm * 44.5mm
Model : 2015873731


Procut Name: AZ-9730
Chip: Alien H4
Die Cut Size: 10.375mm * 44.5mm
Antenna Size:
Antenna Material: Aluminum
Reading Distance: 6M

The main parameters (AZ-9730)
⊙ tag chip : Higgs ™ -3 IC containing 800bit NVROM
⊙ Support Agreement : EPC Gen 2 (v 1.2.0); ISO / IEC 18000-6C
⊙ Operating Frequency : 840-960 MHz
⊙ Operating temperature : -40 ° to + 70 °
⊙TID fixed code : 32bits
⊙ only TID: 64bits
⊙EPC storage area : 96bits be extended to 480bits
⊙ user memory : 512bits
⊙Access Password: 32bits
⊙Kill Password: 32bits
⊙RoHS: 2002/95 / EC Compliant

The main features (AZ-9730)
⊙ compact design , perfect item-level tagging , in line with the emerging retail specifications
⊙ use is a world leader has 800bits NVROM the Higgs-4 chip
64bits ⊙ for security and authentication can not be changed and the only TID ​​user area can be permanently locked
⊙ user memory block can 64bits and uses the read password protected against accidental read without a password
⊙ supports all mandatory and optional Gen2 commands, including item-level commands for custom instructions written in high-speed , high-volume available in the package flow in large capacity without glue / adhesive label volumes have

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