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Bada 2 4 G 2 3 G2W wireless audio and video transmission Video transmission wireless home monitoring equipment


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Bada 2.4 G / 2.3 G2W wireless audio and video transmission Video transmission wireless home monitoring equipment
Model : 1760079986


How to choose a suitable for your use of wireless products: in the case of obstacles blocking more with better than 2.4 G, 1.2 G open close transmission can choose 2.4 G.High frequency of microwave transmission, strong penetrating power, but the transmission distance;Low frequency, distance, winding ability strong, penetration is weak.So according to choose to use environment!

Note: this section 2.3 G frequency, if you use wireless WIFI worldwide use please take note on the 2.3 G after the baby.Typically send 2.4 G!Please add 10 yuan (if you need to 2.3 G)

2.4 G 804 - (2 w),
Function description:

BADA NEW2.4 GHZ wireless audio transmitter image
Can yituo four, with image automatic switching function
Extreme distance (depending on the actual environment)
Good anti-interference performance of microwave
The frequency of the sound/receive fine quality


Product features:
1. This product USES four channel switch, can use yituo four use way, namely four transmitter, a receiver to match images every six seconds automatically switch a picture, such as received on the computer, the video segmentation can be used to four images at the same time.
2. This product launch for the standard 2 w,Effective transmission distance is 200-300 meters depending on the environment (actual situation)

Box list:
Transmitter 1 (Transmitter)
The Receiver 1 (Receiver)
2 a power adapter
1 product instruction for use

Installation method:
1. To connect the power adapter in the transmitter, turn on the juice and red light, prove emitter current success.
2. Another power adapter will connect to the receiver input, turn on the juice and red light, prove receiver power success.
3. The launcher with audio/video line into the signal source (such as DVD, camera), receiver and display, transmitter, receiver channel selection switch to the same position, the display signal coming out of the picture, the installation is complete


Warm prompt:Now any wireless transmission products murmurs, this wireless transmitter is not exceptional also, if you are too care about sound effect, suggest to.

This video effect is very good, but there is noise, solution: separate the video and audio, video with radio, voice connection.

Our customers love the questions summary here, hope to be of help, this problem is that we are most frequently asked is the most difficult to answer a question:

1, q: when you specified on the data in open barrier-free can transfer how far, how far, but where there is obstacle to preach how far?Can pass a few floors?Walls can wear?2000 mw transmitter can spread in the city how far?Why did mark can transmit only 1000 meters, 200 meters?
A: the transmission distance of different environment is completely different, because of the high barriers have bottom, wall thickness, trees have a secret, and so on, such as 2000 mw transmitter in the open field of barrier-free environment can pass 1-1.5 kilometers, can open barrier-free environment of the city 500-800 meters, and more buildings in the environment with two hundred meters, dozens of meters are likely, penetrate but may also be some.But if in the obstacle environment Can choose to add outdoor antenna, outdoor antenna at the ends of the frame to the top, as far as possible let between antenna and antenna is open and you can see each other, the transmission distance is our specified on the data transmission distance.

2, how to just buy wireless video transmission system for testing?
Answer: A, first the camera (webcam), turning on the power supply connection monitor (television set), identify the camera (camera) and the monitor (TV) can work normally;
B, the fitting of a transmitter, a camera and power supply, connect good receiver, monitor, and power, and then to adjust the receiver button to select the channel, it is important to make the channel on the receiver to launch on the same channel;Can go to the normal use of this equipment.

3, during the test, why do you say to send thousands of meters in a test but dozens of meters are not reach?
Answer: some people in the test, due to the power limit, can only be used in a room on one side of the transformer to provide power for the transmitter, and in the adjacent near another room supplies power to the receiver, and in this way, right, caused the biggest obstacle to transmit and receive for reinforced concrete structures on the obstacle of radio waves is the biggest of all.When in the test, please as far as possible let full accessibility between transmitter and receiver, and can extend to the receiving machine and monitor line plus connecting line of the antenna and transmitter, let the antenna transmitter and the receiver antenna can see each other, can test to the transmission distance of the equipment.

4, why in the use of wireless video transmission system, why there are rolling on the monitor screen black?
Answer: this kind of situation is usually connected to the transmitter or receiver provides enough electric current or the use of inferior transformer to replace the transformer.It is important to note that the annotation on the market of the 12 v / 800 ma transformer usually only around 300-400 ma.

5, you how or why the wireless video transmission system the sharpness of the transmission of the image is fuzzy?
A: this system has nothing to do with the sharpness of the image, what is the camera resolution, received what is clarity.If receive the image is fuzzy, please check the camera, to see if the camera focal length is not correct.

Around 6, someone with the same products would not interfere with each other?
A: we offer wireless audio transceiver system on the number of channels is four, can choose according to the specific situation, in general as long as won't stagger the same frequency point, if exist around the same frequency signal, will interfere with each other.

7, when using your wireless audio transceiver system, others will not receive my signal?
A: if someone else in your use of the scope of the nearby area is also used by my company's wireless audio transceiver system, it is possible to receive your transmission signal.If you have any special needs, we can provide the encrypted image/sound services.

8, you can use up to how many sets of equipment in the same area?Or at most how many points can be allowed to use?
A: our wireless video transceiver system can provide four channels, that is to say, at present, in the same area, the most can use four points.If you need more need to customize, at present up to 12.(custom need extra charges.

9, there are several types of antenna?What is the role respectively?
Answer: the antenna in wireless audio transceiver system types, there are generally two kinds of directional antenna and omnidirectional antennas.As the name implies, refers to a directional antenna to transmit a signal to a particular direction, and the omnidirectional antenna is to transmit a signal to all around.In general, if it is a point to point transmission, using a directional antenna;If it is a point to multipoint transmission using omnidirectional antenna.

10, an external antenna is used in the launch machine or the receiver?
Answer: can, general is the use of the launch machine, of course, if the transmitter and receiver are fitted with an external antenna, the effect will be better.

11, what type of machines need to use an external antenna?An external antenna effect how?After why plus external antenna, transmission distance rather than using the original small antenna closer or worse?
A: usually, the transmitted power is greater than 1000 mw wireless video transmitter can with external antenna;
Use an external antenna, barrier-free environment in the open, transmitter launch distance can be increased by 30% - 70%;
Instead if the connection is the external antenna, the effect is not to use the original small antenna, it is only possible external antenna not connected well, these connections including antenna joint above the connection between the connection between the antenna and transmitter, especially connected with the transmitter antenna connector, in the middle of the root wire core must be accurately inserted into the holes in the transmitter antenna connector, otherwise, the external antenna will be completely ineffective.
The customer requirements
A. The company's products for replacement and repair in a year.
2. Since the customer purchase from the date of the products of our company, any quality problems within a week the company for replacement.
3. Product replacement conditions: the product appearance is in good condition, the factory seal products in good condition and complete accessories.
4. One of the following circumstances, does not implement the guaranteed repair and maintenance but fees may apply.
1. Don't use the company to provide the power adapter, high voltage burn out.
2. Products for customers to use or improper safekeeping of be affected with damp be affected with damp, damage is caused flooding.
3. The seal tear or customers to open into the problems of product quality.
4. By force majeure (lightning, earthquake, fire and other natural disasters) cause damage.


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