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Burglar alarm KH8916 telephone network alarm +magnetic door remote control


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Burglar alarm KH8916 telephone network alarm with magnetic door remote control
Model : 1759491311



The product name: KH8916
Detailed introduction:

A, work principle
KH8916 intelligent anti-theft alarm, is by the alarm host, infrared detector and wireless
The remote control.Once detector to detect intrusion, the invasion alarm signal wireless password immediatelyTransferred to the alarm host, the host after receiving the alarm signal, will immediately start the high decibel sirenAlarm, host the corresponding protection zones LED alarm indicator on the panel lights, clearly show the intruder's party, at the same time, through the telephone network, alarm host, the host dial-up and set the alarm number cyclePlay the recording voice.After users received a call, can according to the need for a series of farProcess control operation.
KH8916 intelligent anti-theft alarm, adopting international advanced microcomputer chip control system
System.Detection distance, alarm safe and reliable performance, more sets of alarm installed adjacent using notCross talk to each other.Users to use the convenient and more economical.
Second, the scope of use
Houses, buildings, courtyards, factory, garage, office, financial room, shopping mall,
Stores) and so on.
Three characteristics, system function
1, 8 wireless sector;
2, can remote control, protection, removal, emergency alarm;
3, automatic call the 5 groups of users to set;
4, built-in recording chip, when the alarm can play host to leave a message in advance;
5, the built-in loud siren, can be an external signal, the high decibels alarm;
6, detectors, remote control and host of wireless automatic code, namely learning type code, agent
Sensor configuration operation more convenient;
7, remote monitoring, protection, removal, deterrence and control functions;
8, with telephone lines cut alarm function (optional)
9, emergency function, in case of gangsters intrusion, fire, disease, etc. When the abnormal situation
Can start the function;
The main technical indicators
1, host,
Working voltage: ac 220 v, 6 v dc
Static electricity: < 3.5 mA
The alarm sound level: > 100 db
Slip shows: no
2, wireless infrared detectors
Detection range: 8 to 15 meters
Working voltage: dc 6 v
Static electricity: < 60 ua
Transmission frequency: 315 MHZ
Wireless transmitting distance: > 500 meters (open)
Temperature performance: - 30 ° ~ 42 °
3, wireless remote control
Wireless transmitting distance: > 100 meters (open)
Working voltage: DC12V, with 12 v / 27 a battery
Transmission frequency: 315 MHZ

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