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Cable double infrared probe PA-525-d ir detector +stentinfrared alarm


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Cable double infrared probe PA - 525 - d ir detector with stent/infrared alarm
Model : 1463097846


Digital double guide mobile probe combined with infrared and microwave detection technique.It contains digital processing software, the infrared sensor as the main detecting unit, after hot outside mobile signal detected by sensors, supplemented by microwave detection to determine whether a real mobile signal.PA - 525 - d mobile probe appearance is more intuitive and easy visual requirements, suitable for any decoration environment.
The simulation directly converted into digital
Digital software
Die a standard lens
Digital microwave detection technique
Automatic background analysis
Digital pulse number automatically adjust
Environmental test mode
Digital temperature compensation
Comprehensive led display
Infrared sensor type double source, a matrix
Focus lens to 1.2 inches
All optional lenses (reduce long-distance range because of microwave relationship)
Digital automatic temperature compensation
Digital processor automatically digital pulse processing and entry/exit signal analysis, digital filter the object activity signal shielding calculation software and RFI/EMI signals
Detection range of 12 m x 90 ° (standard lens)
16 m x 18 ° (long lens)
Secondary sensitivity is adjustable
Types of antenna
The standard lens:
Planar antenna attached to the marketing effect transistor oscillator
The FCC and DOC - 10.525 GHz frequency
Doppler detection method (effect)
The principle of doppler (effect) + energy analysis
Digital filter is 50/60 Hz
Self-examination microwave self mapping function
The microprocessor type 12/8 - bit wit logic
The sensitivity is adjustable
Working temperature of 20 ° ~ + 50 °
Power input 10 to 16 VDC 30 ma
The detection rate of 0.2-7 m/s
Installation height of 2.1 m + / - 10%
Alarm indicator red leds light keep 3 seconds (closed)
Alarm output normally closed, 28 VDC 0.15 A
Tamper output normally closed, 28 VDC 0.15 A
Humidity of 95%
The weight of 160 g
66 * 127 * 52 mm size (W * H * D)

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