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Cable hd underwater cameras fishing apparatus +video pictures underwater detector agent fish 50 meters can match


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Cable hd underwater cameras fishing apparatus with video pictures underwater detector agent fish, 50 meters can match
Model : 1763772802


Product features:

  • Real fish type appearance, workmanship, beautiful and easy, highly ornamental
  • 600Line high-definition CCD camera, than the old products420Line better clarity.Underwater more clearly.
  • AvSignal output, can match the ordinary display, deserve to go up acquisition card, can display images on the computer.
  • Cold resistant, waterproof, applied for special cables, but20m30m50M matching.
  • Two import3 w.Highlighting the white light lamp, stronger light source, can be illuminated farther.
  • White light and the camera is not a completely space structure design of the camera temperature is low, inside the lens100%Water mist.
  • Equipped with two pieces of weight, add weight and lead counterweight protect fish shell of the dual role,
  • Equipped with a transparent fish tail, the tail has a balance and make the function of the camera down to watch.

Second, the scope of use:


 This product is an underwater camera, applicable to all underwater monitoring

 1, underwater monitoring

 2Monitoring, fishing

 3And underwater observation

 4And underwater adventure

 5Monitoring, Wells

Three, product specifications


  • The charger:100 vac - 240 vac DC12.6 V, 2000 ma
  • Battery: the battery 4.5 AH A charge can be continuous use6Hour or so
  • The battery to be continued to use time:8Hour or so
  • Monitoring the depth of the:20 m. 30 m. 50 m.
  • Camera light source:2a  3 w.High-power Gao Liangbai lamp
  • Camera Angle:120Degree of large Angle
  • Camera image: color
  • Underwater visual range:1-15m
  • Water pressure test:5Atmospheres.
  •  Monitoring image: color
  • Camera resolution:600line
  • SDCard: the biggest support8 g The standard1 g 1 gIn the recording1.5hours
  • Monitor the input voltage:12 VDC
  • Operating temperature:- 20-60The degree of
  • Storage temperature:30-80 -The degree of
  • Sun shade material: leather
  • Aluminum box size:375 mm * 135 mm * 270 mm
  • Packing size:80 mm * 140 mm * 305 mm
  • Net weight:7.5 KG
  • Gross weight:8.5 KG
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