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Dial KH8826GSM wireless burglar alarm Card intelligent alarm Home alarm


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Dial KH8826GSM wireless burglar alarm Card intelligent alarm Home alarm
Model : 1759634930



The machine by: state department approval for * *, and compulsory 3 c certification.

The product name: KH8826 GSM intelligent anti-theft alarm


Product configuration: 

1 only host 1, infrared detector, wireless magnetic door pay 1. 2 only remote control. The power adapter 1. Only phone line 1, this specification, and warranty card.


A, work principle
      Paper system by using the GSM wireless mobile network platform for the SMS and voice function complete remote alarm and control, data transmission system can be set according to the master model for protection, signal detector agent to the invasion of the coma to host, the host send user preset good cell phone number after processing has alarm address and category of short message, and automatic call in advance good 1 ~ 3 groups of alarm telephone number, at the same time on the field monitoring and intercom, other users can through the remote sends messages to the system for remote Settings such as protection/removal.


Second, the scope of use
  Houses, buildings, courtyards, factory, garage, office, financial room, shopping (shop) and other places.

Three, the main function

When using WAVECOM GSM dual-band module

Low color LCD display and set the keyboard configuration integration

Eight wireless alarm protection zones, two normally closed cable protection zones, a wireless emergency call,
1, wireless fire alarm protection zones.

Low alarm can automatically send 3 set of mobile telephone alarm information, and can automatically to the three groups
Telephone dial-up and site monitoring and intercom.

Low control command by host keyboard, remote control, text messages and timing four patterns
Protection, left-behind protection and removal.

Low it can be finished through the keyboard, SMS control command host programming setting

Low through SMS command to change name eight wireless alarm protection zones

Low eight wireless alarm protection zones can be defined by host keyboard type (unattended or ordinary)

Low control command remote query host state through text messages


Fourth, the main technical indicators   


Communications: industrial grade 900/1800 MHZ GSM module

Alarm way: GSM SMS and voice dialing

Alarm response time: 8 seconds or less (GSM network signal is normal)

Standby power consumption: 0.6 W or less

Alarm volume: 110 db or higher

Working conditions: temperature - 10 ° ~ + 55 °, humidity is 95% or less without condensation

Or: 204 mm (length) x 145 mm (width) x 36 mm (thickness)

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