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Doors and windows secure wireless remote alarm radio alarm windows alarm


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Doors and windows secure wireless remote alarm / radio alarm / windows alarm /
Model : 2002792872


  • Innovative compact design , whether you're at home or on the go bring you a full range of protection , make you feel at ease and enjoy life !
  • 1In long battery life , eliminating the trouble of frequent replacement batteries to give you long-lasting sense of security !
  • 105dBSuper loud siren designed to effectively deter thieves invaded !
  • Remote control to make it easier for you to use !
  • Designed for the rental of goods or a single apartment suites designed ! Installation is simple ! Use easy !
  • Introduction
    • Doors and security alarms, the alarm is not canceled when the door is opened/Loudness siren emits high time window .
    • Remote control arm/Disarming/Urgent/Doorbell button operation easier.
    • Host -sided stickers , the installation easier
    • Internal105dBHigh loudness alarms,2AAAA (7Number)Alkaline battery operation, low power indication.
  • Appearance Structure Description
    • Remote Control
      •  [  ]: ArmingKey
      •  [  ]: Disarm key
      •  [  ]: Emergency button
      •  [  ]: Doorbell and learning code key
    • Receiver
      • Low power and status indicationLED
      • Magnet
      • Installation with double-sided sponge stickers
  • Electrical Description
    • Host computer2AAAA (Or7Number)Alkaline battery operation
    • Remote Control1A12V/27AAlkaline battery operation.
    • Receiving hostContinuous standby over1In(Switch daily5Calculations) .
    • Continuous standby over the remote control8Months(Switch daily5Calculations) .
    • Operating ambient temperature: -10 ~ 60°C
    • Operating humidity: \u003c80%
    • Storage Temperature: -20°C - +70°C
  • Description
    • Battery Installation
      • Remote control battery installation , when the remote distance shorter or lights dimmed Replace the battery , replace the battery with a first batch of screws open remote shell , into a12V/27AAlkaline batteries observing polarity and then close the housing locking screw .
      • Receiving host battery installed, open the battery door , into2PiecesAAA( 7Number)Alkaline batteries.
      • When the battery is installed after the host will beep short'Be ...'Tip batteries installed successfully.
      • Please use alkaline batteries to get good results, such as the use of other batteries can cause the battery using time becomes shorter or alarm sound small .
    • Installation
      • Select the installation location of doors and windows , and wipes clean with water mounting surface , the double-sided adhesive tape at the bottom of the machine and then the machine cleaned paste in your location .
      • After installing the host , and then double-sided stick the magnet fixed on the door or door frame next to the host , please note magnets arrow aligns with the arrow to the right of the host .

Pay attention:

  • This machine is for indoor use , do not install in direct sunlight or rain in places , do not install in high pollution or high humidity areas.
  • The machine magnetic sensor on the right side of the body, in the right place magnets installed machine and align the two arrows.
  • If the host is attached to the door , place the magnet mounted on the door frame ; be mounted to turn on if the door should the magnet mounted on the door , when the door is opened to ensure that the magnet away from the host to be detected .
  • Ensure that the door should not exceed the distance the host and magnet installation10mm.
  • Use
    • Arming and disarming
      • In standby mode, press the remote control[  ]Button again , the unit will sound three times 'Bi Bi Bi 'Tip the machine has entered the armed state of alert , the alert statusLEDWill flash once every three seconds .
      • In the alert, press the remote control[  ]Button again , the unit will beep long'Bi ......'Voice prompts alert mode has exited the machine , in this mode the machine does not have any function in addition to a low battery indication .
    •  Trigger alert
      • Detected in a state of alert as the door opened by the Commissioner becomes action , the machine immediately began to ring alarm sound30Seconds after the door is detected as still open then stops again15Seconds before impact30Second , and so on until the door is closed or the remote control to lift stop the alarm ;
      • When the machine is loud siren press the remote control button once to disarm the alarm sound will stop and exit the arming mode
    •  Emergency function
      • When you encounter an intruder at home or other emergency, press on the remote control[  ]Host key ring30Second alarm.
      • Emergency function keys are valid in any mode .
    •  Doorbell function
      • When the arm is not in a state of alert by the host on the remote control[  ]Key , the receiving host will ring the bell tone'DingDong ...'Twice , prompting people to open the door at home .
    •  Increase the remote control
      • When you have people at home want to increase access to the remote control , according to the following:
      • First, remove the host cell , press the remote control to learn the code key, and then loaded on the host cell , about10Seconds later you will hear the host issues\"Bi ...\"I heard that the host has entered learning mode , some of the release button on the remote control and then the other three keys to any key once , the host will ring twice\"Bi ... Bi ...\"Said school code is successful, you can use the newly added remote control .
      • Note that the host can only learn8Remote control, when more than the first remote control code will be cleared.
  • Low detection
    • When the receiving host when lowLEDFlashes once per second , indicating low , replace the battery .
    • Remote control lights dim or remote distance becomes short, replace the battery.
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