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EAS Tag soft label labels sound magnetic stripe cosmetic metal Sensormatic anti-theft alarm manufacturers


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EAS Tag soft label labels sound magnetic stripe cosmetic metal Sensormatic anti-theft alarm manufacturers
Model : 2002894422


EAS -made magnetic soundTheft soft label

Model: India blank black printed barcode labels trademark soft ;

Size : 10 * 40mm;

Features : high sensitivity, senior bond paper ;

Color: black and white

Frequency : 58KHz

Use: Supermarket

High Sensormatic anti-theft Soft label(58KHz sound, and magnetic )



Label Uses:

Imitation American \" first US-owned (sensormatic) DR sound magnetic anti-theft tags \", with its more secure , reliable EAS function, a major European and American markets toys, clothing , footwear, electronics, crafts , bags , and other commodity security will equipment accessories. Factory goods enclosing a \" DR Sensormatic anti-theft tags \" has become one of the necessary conditions for products to enter the European and American markets.

Product code:

ZLDRS1 ......... white glossy

ZLDRS2 ......... barcode

Label Size :

Length ............ 45.21 mm (± 0.5mm)

Width ............ 10.67mm (± 0.5mm)

Thickness ( except pads ) ......... ≤ 1.89mm

Note: The above dimensions were confirmed by measurement of digital optical technology .

Structure and material composition:

Polystyrene plastic housing ......... - 0.3mm thickness

Sound, and magnetic sensing part

The resonator ( 2 ) ...... dedicated amorphous metal (Metglas) magnetic resonance materials,

Iron , nickel, cobalt, boron, silicon and the like .

Tabletting .................. density polyethylene / polyester -0.127mm

Half- shaded .................. magnetic material include iron, nickel, chromium and the like.

Tabletting .................. density polyethylene / polyester -0.119mm

Adhesive ............... ? Sided rubber adhesive

? The total thickness of 0.140mm

                ? Minimum peel strength 80oz./in.

Liner .................. ? Sided silicon bag liner

? 80Ib. Media

For the environment:

Temperature ...... The maximum storage temperature 65 °

Humidity ...... temperature 65 °, humidity of 80% can be stored for up to 96 hours .

Save time ... temperature 15 ° -32 °, humidity of 50-70 % can be stored for one year.

The average force bearing pressure at room temperature under maximum pressure 445N ......

External magnetic field ... ≤ 8 Gauss


The quantity of each edition ...... 108

The minimum package ...... 5000 / Box

Carton Weight ...... 2.76kg

Label Application Guide:

? Should be affixed in the range from barcode 7cm ;

? Should be affixed to the difficult to find place;

? Should cover the product description ;

? Label posted without direction required ;

? To ensure the efficient use of the label , please put labels on non-ferrous metals from ≥ 3mm, from ferrous metals ≥ 9mm place.

1, Belonging to the quality of the product itself ,1Year free maintenance , do not charge the cost of materials and shipping. ( We assume


Shipping cost to the buyer once again , the buyer Depot Repair shipping. That each bear half of the actual shipping . )


;1Product quality problems years later, the cost of materials and freight charge , we responsible for any shipping costs.
2, Non-commodity quality problems , provide paid maintenance services , we responsible for any costs.


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