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Easycap 4 channel USB capture card 4 channel 4 channel monitoring acquisition card USB video capture card


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Easycap 4 channel the USB capture card 4 channel 4 channel monitoring acquisition card USB video capture card
Model : 1292596023



Product Features:

In piecesU disk size, AV/SV audio and video capture, easy to carry;

In piecesDigital TV set top box - via the computer can easily view and record Digital designed;

In piecesSupport for Windows XP SP2 / Vista;Compatible with Windows 7

In piecesSupport the NTSC/PAL.

In piecesSupport for 10 bit and 16 bit audio decoding video decoding;

In piecesBuilt - in high quality stereo Audio ADC without going through the sound recording.

In piecesOverall noise reduction, anti - interlaced display, the complete elimination of the screen glitch.

In piecesThe Image window can be freely scaled (4:3 or 16:9) or full screen to watch TV is designed;

In pieces3.0 compression will will engine, compressible AVI, MPEG 1, 2, 4 format, easy to create, VCD, DVD,

In piecesOffers video playback, the picture browsing;

In piecesSupports BMP, JPG image format image capture;

In piecesVideo brightness, contrast, saturation, gray adjustable;

In piecesUltra - small size (92 x30x14mm) weighing about 30 g;

The System Requirements:

In piecesIntel Pentium IV processor is 1.8 G or equivalent above
In piecesA Minimum of 128 MB RAM or greater
In piecesA Minimum of 500 MB available disk space or more
In piecesUSB2.0 interface
In piecesWindows XP Sp2 / SP3 Vista compatible Windows 7
In piecesA cd-rom drive

Quad video, all audio capture card!USB2.0 interface, desktops, laptops, informs!!!!!Four video capture, Four video video inputs, which can be collected, widely, informs in video capture and monitoring, which can be accessed, DV, digital cameras, DVD, VCD, digital set top boxes, game consoles and other products!Excellent quality!

The capture card especially for doing monitoring. The Image acquisition, Real - time screen. No smear phenomenon. (Of course, and computer configuration have a great relationship).

The Main feature is The TV, DVD, perturbation of The first - class equipment, high - quality audio and video to
The Collection to your computer, you can copy and edit on your computer and other operations can also be 2 connect perturbation of The first home monitoring purposes.

New USB2.0 interface type external video capture device, the New digital video decoder chip to make your picture clearer smoother picture, you can get high - quality audio capture, without the need for a sound card.

Support for external video input real - time MPEG - 1/2/4 video compression will will with a professional editing software Ulead 10.0 SE DVDS to dojo. Dojo.provide you with the best editing function Support video editing, subtitling, hundreds of species of the transition effects and audio effects can be rendered.
1 USB interfaces, 480 m high bandwidth
Two high - definition, the static and dynamic image acquisition
3 the Image resolution up to 720 * 576 (PAL system), 720 * 480 (NTSC)
4 for PC and notebook computers
5 Support for external video analog signal
6 Real - time capture and compression will will
7 the size (l) x 88 mm (w), 28 mm x 18 mm (h)
8 the USB interface, video capture device
9 provides a set of S - VIDEO and VIDEO (composite) input terminal
10 camera or video recorder can be a signal input into the computer medical equipment
11 supports TWAIN interface, screen capture 702 x 576 leaflets
12 supports Microsoft Video for Windows interface
13 supports a variety of file formats: AVI, MPEG - 1/2/4, JPG, BMP, etc.
14 plug-in and play, no shutdown, can be installed

This acquisition card in my desktop and laptop computers can use it?

A: Yes, as long as there isusbComputer interface, you can use this capture card connection for audio and video playback and recording.

I have a camera, you can use this capture card for recording DV or early transcription cassette do?This acquisition card can play on the computer do?To be able To burn a CD so nice.

Answer: DV or VCR, and AV signal output, have the ability to directly connect to a TV, can the capture card for recording the output video. With this acquisition card, you can play on the computer video camera With software that can record brought into a video file, then you can burnVCDThe OrDVDCD.

Note that only the capture analog signals. If it is a digital signal to use 1394 card.

Can use this capture card and video designed of the past, burn disc?

A: Yes, with this acquisition card, connecting A VCR and A computer, you can play video designed, and brought the software can be 2 record A video file, then you can burnVCDThe OrDVDCD.Note that only the capture analog signals. 1394 If the use of the digital signal.

I want to use this TV capture CARDS can save you?

A: Yes, you have this capture card, you can output audio and video from A TV connected to the capture card, and watch TV on your PC, but you can record A video file stored on the computer, you can watch the at any time. You can also burn it to A disc of long - term preservation, not because the computers are down and lost.

I have surveillance cameras that can be connected together on the computer monitor target area do?

A: Yes, surveillance cameras all with video video Out, pick up directly on the line, this application common, but also easy to implement. The Professional monitoring software, monitoring software shopkeepers have Chinese software. Very practical. Both do purchase. Ask the shopkeeper. The Details Both Both Please look down.

I have a digital camera, the ability to connect with your capture card surveillance goals?Targeted actions recorded on a computer can do?

A: Yes, digital cameras last last come with A data cable, and the other end is the lotus flower head, yellow head connected to the capture card 's yellow head, red head connected to the capture card red head on it. This You can use This capture card to capture the action to the target, the computer can record the target point recording the action.

The Info Note: first must access the USB card. After the system finds the hardware, Click Cancel.

thenThe Installer.After the installation must remember to start the computer from the new.,The Or prone to poor installation problems.

The random CD into The computer cd-rom drive belt, The system automatically contents of The CD:

Install Driver -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Install the Driver

Install Video Studio -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- - the Install Video software

Install Driectx 9

Browse CD -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the Browse CD Contents

The exit

Select the first item: install the driver. Note: Customers are also optional CD driver SETUP package file package and installed separately.

After installation, connect the USB interface card in the computer, the computer will automatically find some time to install on your computer

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