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Electron-Magnetic door lock 180 kG Kit for office w RFID Keypad + Keys


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Electron-Magnetic door lock 180 kG Kit for office w RFID Keypad + Keys
Model : 1280188554


** Welcome to geuniue professional security equipment provider Security-Warehouse, in addition to equipment, we can design security solution for you. We have industrial recognized certification from ASIS. ** We deliver the highest level of customer satisfaction. We are happy to customize our full range of access control kit to your need at no extra cost to you. For the self-completed access control kit, please take noted, we can change items if you want. Rules include: 1) card and key ring can be changed 2) same price access controller can be changed 3) same price door open press can be changed 4) power supply has been upgraded to another model (not shown as photo) 5) case if available now is waterproof ABS material instead of alloy 6) power supply basically work with 220V AC input, in case you are using the equipment in USA that use 110V AC, please contact us in advance, we can check if the model can be adjusted to your need. ======= For this listing ...

A combination, entrance guard suit details:

1, card access control machine 1000 YongHuKa

1 to 2, MC270 single magnetic lock2 line with LED indicator light suction 270 kg

3, 1 only door lock dedicated power supply12 v3a door dedicated power supply

4, 1 only push button

5, the key ring card 3 onlySenior waterproof ID

Second, the combination suit product introduction:

1, card access control machine

5, the key ring card

 Colors: yellow, gray

Chip: TK4100

Size: 43.7 x30.5 x5.3 mm

Three, related products wiring diagram:


After watching the above magnetic lock installation drawing, if the door is special, needs the other to buy the following parts:

1, magnetic locks, auxiliary support (3 piece) : the narrow width frame, magnetic lock can't screws, or open the door magnetic lock inside the pack.

2, magnetic locks the door: U door for frameless glass door systems.

Note: with the IC package, original 3 CARDS for IC card.

Notice: before buying

1, make sure to install the entrance guard door structure, mainly the installation of magnetic locks, magnetic locks installed here for reference.

2, if it is not clear whether or not his door can be installed, the user can the appearance of the door, take several different Angle images to our customer service, we will be detailed introduction for you.

3, this set of entrance guard system, not including the installation.Before buying, to determine if they have the ability to install, especially the door lock, lest delay.

4, this set of entrance guard, 1 year warranty, the product quality problems caused by is beyond the scope of the warranty.The return of caused by users themselves, the user needs to bear the freight back and forth.

*** Welcome visit our officlal website www.security-warehouse.com for most up-to-date product information, manual and software download, knowledge sharing and industrial news. SECURITY-WAREHOUSE.COM is committed to provide professionalism to maximize our clients purchase satisfaction. ***

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