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fixed code remote control duplicator PLC metal models A remote copy SK018A


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fixed code remote control duplicator PLC metal models A, remote copy SK018A
Model : 2020594309


aeProduct.getSubject() Universal rolling code Duikao / on machine learning dual function remote control No clear code , can be directly clone to backup Must have original remote keyfob Frequency:Fixed Frequency 433MHz or 315 MHz Supported list:Suitable Blue Chi leopard, blue ideals, Shengda , Express , Ma Site A, Zhongtian A, speed , panan , An Fusheng , new Changshun , Australia Connaught , door people , Cosmos, Smart , Baoding , Ping Xiong , Gude , ideal 2 , Maple Leaf , Hercules 3 , Maple Leaf , Haitong , the Bohai Sea , Yi Cheng , Brady , Suolei Ge , Blue Chi leopard, blue ideals, Shengda , Yi Jie , Ma Site A, Zhongtian A , speed , panan , An Fusheng , new Changshun , Australia Connaught , Golden Harvest , Haizhu, Soma , Xi Sede , Sauger , and most commonly -made rolling code motors. Usage: Right code method : Press and hold this remote lock or unlock button , indicator light, indicator light turns off after about 8 seconds . At this time ( do not let go of universal remote controls ) to run the original remote control button , LED flash number , the success of the code . Universal remote control with rolling code garage and covered host learning methods : Please provide us with in strict accordance with the user 's instructions book operation, if in doubt please call our technical support calls , Do not press the other button , otherwise it will cause travel chaos garage doors , garage doors lead to the normal switch . Find the garage to receive the code key motor ( usually the code key in the host or the host circuit board enclosure ) by host keys on the remote control to learn , learn indicator light . 0.5-1 meters away from the motor position , any 2-4 on the remote control , the right code blinks rapidly , such as flashing learning indicator is off, the remote control learning success. Clear learning remote control : Press the remote control on the host key for 10 seconds to learn , learning light does not clear the success. Use one-touch control , namely: open - stop - off - stop ...... more convenient to use Most motors are so basic method of the code , but some special motors for code method is recommended after purchase , as we ask for customer -specific instructions on the code , we will provide you with the electronic version of the manual and telephone technical support.

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