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GSM burglar alarm infrared alarm household door magnetic cloth-633 machine regularly


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GSM burglar alarm infrared alarm household door magnetic cloth - 633 machine regularly
Model : 1991677421


System principle
 Anti-theft alarm system is composed of host, detector and the remote control, the host is the "brain" of the system, connected to telephone lines and power supply can work, the probe is the system of "eyes" and "ears" and "nose", the factory has been equipped with magnetic door, infrared detector, the two detectors.Before you install the probe into the registration system, magnetic door installed on the doors and Windows, can detect whether the doors and Windows were open;The infrared detector is installed in the room, if someone broke into can be detected.

The operation of the system is very simple, to go out when press the remote control into the state of alert, click on the remote control again can remove the alert when she got home.When the probe "sniffing" to someone invasion, the system will be ringing sirens, high volume will scare the daylights out of thieves, automatic call you all set the alarm at the same time, notify the security guards and householders rescue in time.In addition it can extend the fire prevention, prevent gas leakage, emergency, and other functions, is a comprehensive range of guarding the man!

 My dear friends, thank you very much for you to browse through our GSM model of multi-functional anti-theft alarm system, before you buy, please don't only look at the price of the alarm, have a look at the device key function with other GSM have what different, you know it is indeed a thing of value.

Increase the propaganda of special explanation:

This set of machine is equipped with high-power intercom horn purpose: because of the system with functions of monitoring, when listening to the scene really have the theft alarm, because at that time not reach the scene, you can use your mobile phone to the scene of the thief, the thief because I don't know your location, usually hear you yelling would run away immediately, to avoid the property damage caused by night to the scene.Call in the volume of the speaker can't compared with alarm horn, the sound is made at the scene of the thief, not external alarm, but the volume will hear even when you are in the house next door.




Latest 2011 GSM alarm system with more than a normal old GSM alarm the following several kinds of the most humanized function:


1.This function.Can use a mobile phone or telephone remote vociferate to the scene, and form a complete set of 15 w high-power horn, can realize with the intercom.

2.Timing protection removal function.Two groups regularly cloth removal function, eliminating the frequent manual cloth removal.

3. The six groups of voice call the police.Make you in what is called clearly hear in alarm.

4.Short message function of remote control.Protection and removal common GSM can only use the remote control and phone call to control, every time the phone after operation,?Apparently???More than 20 or so key operator, it is very easy to press the wrong, the new 2010 GSM in addition to have the above function, the new increased the SMS remote control, one key operation, convenient and reliable.

5. The probe of intelligent protection function.At home in the evening, if you want to make some probe, the other part does not work, can be set for probe intelligence, and a key to the remote control operation, fast and convenient.

6.Support fetion operating functions.Send text messages warning you don't need to pay any fees.Text messages can support both in English and Chinese, who will be operating.(note: the name of fetion can only use Chinese, use English letters do not support)

7.There are six wireless protection zones and four cable protection zones.Each sector can be extended to arbitrary alarm sensor.

8.Control function, of output.Equipped with 1 ac output control, can use the text mode control of a 1000 w ac load of opening and closing, the results will reply messages to inform.



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