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GSM burglar alarm Kit family shops +four infrared detector st Nick new dial phone card


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GSM burglar alarm Kit family shops with four infrared detector st. Nick new dial phone card
Model : 1991667836



1 use the voice alarm system, GSM mobile phone cartoon suits

New Year's day listed three years warranty


This product is suitable for family room 2-4, shops, small businesses use anti-theft alarm, equipped with four high quality energy saving type infrared detector, section 4 alkaline battery can be used for one year.Host built-in rechargeable backup power, standby for up to 12 hours.The new 2012 host uniform distribution high-gain GSM antenna, to ensure the normal communication signal is weak areas(320 yuan/set, 265 yuan to buy now offer)

Note: this product is common GSM mobile phone CARDS, and China unicom 3 g card, shall not apply to the CDMA, WCDMA mobile phone cardaeProduct.getSubject()

Standard configuration:See aboveEach weight 1.4 kg

Host 1 department + infrared 4 + magnetic door 1 + 2 + remote control regulated power supply 1 + alarm 1 + high-gain GSM antenna 1 + 1 host rechargeable battery


The detector:A 110 - degree wide detection range adjustable 12 meters two gears

Save energy with low power consumption chip, 4 section 7 battery, not laminated low volume 9 v battery, extend the standby time more than double.


Original quality goods, not fake goods, the host has the following behind anti-counterfeiting mark, scraping coating verify authenticity:aeProduct.getSubject()

Product introduction:

The latest warning signal can be directly inserted, not like the old wiring.Card method is changed, the signal is better.Unique power short message alarm, SMS monitor, remote propaganda, to play a separate removal, the function such as remote control home appliances.The built-in battery, ac/dc conversion automatically.Unique power short message alarm, SMS monitor, remote propaganda, to play a separate removal, the function such as remote control home appliances.The built-in battery, ac/dc conversion automatically.Currently upgrading generation product: 12 again, with the function of two groups timing their removal.Support fetion Settings, remote telephone remote control with voice remind.


Function description:
S three groups regularly cloth removal function, eliminating the frequent manual cloth removal.
S ten sectors can be set for the common defence, defence, defence, or close to play at home, and other types.
S phone (phone) or SMS remote Settings on the host system.Innovative compatible with China mobile fetion functions, to save users send text messages to system Settings order with SMS charge.
sNo.6 wireless, cable protection zones 4 road,Play can increase more accessories.
s6 set of voice calls, SMS number group threeISD automatic message recording, 10 seconds
S 1 set of normally open signal output, it can be an external electrical linkage alarm output.
That s a variety of built-in voice, called know exact bearing industry.
S built-in multiple text messages, user can send text messages or fetion query the state of the host;The text content of alarm protection zones can be modified.
S wireless smart learning to code, compatible with 2262 common coding with millions of group coding, increase or decrease parts convenient and flexible.
S phone (phone) remote control protection, removal, monitor, intercom, propaganda, and other functions.
Block s EEPROM information protection, the information will never be lost.
S a built-in rechargeable battery, NI - HI power automatically convert backup battery and short of breath.
S ac, dc amphibious, 24 hour uninterrupted work.
S host adopts two, three or four frequency module, GSM/GPRS wireless industry is stable and reliable.(the frequency of two GSM module

Technical parameters:
Power supply: DC12V
Static electricity: ma 70 or less
Warning: current 500 ma or less
Wireless receive frequency: 315 MHz + / - 0.5 MHz shock resistance Ω compatible with 1.5 M to 1.5 M Ω
Wireless receiving sensitivity: 5 mv/m
Anti-interference strength: 1 v/m (20-1000 MHZ frequency range)
GSM frequency: 900/1800 MHZ double-frequency automatic switching
External alarm horn: 110 db
Working conditions: temperature - 10 ° ~ + 40 ° relative humidity of 90% or less

Need to increase the accessories, please take the following links:

1, wireless magnetic door:item.taobao.com/item.htm?Id = 15088981073&

2, wireless infrared detectors:item.taobao.com/item.htm?Id = 15022524093&

3, wireless smoke:item.taobao.com/item.htm?Id = 14760957583&

4, a wireless gas detector:item.taobao.com/item.htm?Id = 14122819155&

Dealer a purchase more than 10 sets, send wireless keyboard programming



Install the graphic


Infrared detector installation to avoid direct sunlight and away from heat source




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