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GSM dual network alarm 99 zone voice alarm wife intelligent remote infrared learning IR codes


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GSM dual network alarm 99 zone voice alarm / wife intelligent remote infrared / learning IR codes
Model : 2002787886



Applicable to all brands of 99 -way alarm / GSM alarm / dual network alarm / infrared, if you already have a host to be added with infrared / door sensor / remote control and other accessories, before making contact with the treasurer , to identify the host model .

Rolling code , for learning Host

This product is a suite of 99 Road infrared wifeitem.taobao.com / item.htm? id = 8477160570

For example : GSM mobile phone cards alarm equipmentitem.taobao.com / item.htm? id = 7357570472\u0026

( Not available for fixed code hosts, such as the cheetah four anti shop / eight anti alarms )

315 Frequency

1527 supporting high stability infrared , using solid aluminum capacitors manufactured , double-sided SMT circuit boards , NEC launch tube , no false positives, no false negatives , performance is absolutely better than ordinary infrared, and the host receiver distance


Installation Notes passive infrared detector
Because passive infrared detector is a kind of weak signal detection equipment , the installation must be noted that some of the details on issues such as height and sensitivity . A passive infrared detector is installed properly , you must have the following information on several aspects : First, the performance characteristics of the detector must understand , and secondly to determine the location and reasonable installation , and finally must be carefully tuned . Can not say detector alarm on the instructions to install Well, then how to determine the position of a passive infrared detector installed it ?
Determined in accordance with the instructionsNormal installation angle
Mounting height is not random , it will affect the sensitivity of the detector and the effect of anti- small pets . Imagine a detector mounted in position and the height 2.5 2M height position of the moving object to move it from the ground , the frequency of cutting out and dark areas are not the same.
Glass doors and windows should face
Passive infrared detector is on the glass doors and windows, there are two problems: First, white light interference , apparently PIR has a strong white light suppression, but after all is not 100 % inhibition . So to avoid being on the glass doors and windows, to avoid interfering glare . Two outside doors and windows to avoid complex environmental interference , such as population movements and vehicles .
Not being on the hot and cold vents or heat source
The role of passive infrared detector sensor has a close relationship with temperature changes. Hot and cold vents and cold and heat sources are likely to cause false alarms detectors , for some low-performance detectors , and sometimes through the windows of the air convection can also cause false positives.
Not being easy to swing on objects
Easy swing objects will make microwave detectors work, so the same may cause false positives. Note that the illegal invasion routes of ancient purpose detectors installed enough to prevent the illegal invasion of criminals , before determining the installation location, the building principal must consider the population . In fact, we prevent the entrance, cut off the illegal invasion route , also achieved our goal.
A reasonable selection
Passive infrared detector has a variety of models . From 6 meters to 60 meters , from single to three infrared technology, from wall-mounted to the ceiling has , then the detector to be installed must consider the size of the actual situation to prevent space surrounding environment , import and export of characteristics. Sometimes you want to consider replacing the Fresnel lens to meet the requirements.
After installing the detector , the detector is the final commissioning work to be done . Passive infrared detector commissioning has two methods, one is pacing is commissioning personnel in the district go s type of alert to perceive the length of the line , such as liberalization of the warning area , from the figure we can understand that.
Microwave and infrared sensitivity sensitivity measured by -step method to be adjusted, the sensitivity is too high or too low will affect preventive effect. Sometimes due to seasonal changes, winter and summer , respectively, to adjust the sensitivity . Microwave sensitivity must not be too large, because the microwave penetration only in debug time to pay attention .
The second method is the measurement instrument , and some background noise voltage detector output interface voltage with a multimeter to test , when the detector in a state of alert , the size of its static background noise of the output voltage , which means that interference noise source degree , in order to determine the suitability of this location to install such detectors.
The above is just part of the basic commonality passive infrared detectors for use and installation methods that analyze various brands with its unique approach in the infrared treatment, so we installed before use , be sure to read the instructions carefully , most importantly, through the accumulation of practical work experience , the characteristics of the detector will be able to gain a deeper understanding , in order to better play the role of passive infrared detectors in security engineering.


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