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HDMI RCA Connector head HDMI AV converter analog signal to AV HDMI hd adapter


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HDMI RCA Connector, head of the HDMI AV converter analog signal to AV HDMI hd adapter
Model : 1343179420



1, the product features

Play depending on science and technologyPlayvision HD M610Is aHDMIturnCVBSA Signal converter, but willHDMIIs converted to a digital signalav(CVBS) and the composite video signalFL/FRStereo audio signal, so that customers will be high qualityHDMIAudio signal into ordinary TV,VHSGreen, projector,DVDThe VCR, etc., Can be receivedCVBSSignal (standard resolution480 I, 576 I,) supportNTSC/PALTwo company 's formats

Product Features:

1.willHDMIHigh - definition signals throughSCALE DOWNVideo processing conversion576 I,480 I(PAL/NTSC) the video signal output;

2.Automatic identificationHDCPTo the frontHDMIHave theThe KEY (HDCP)Forced to lift;

3.willHDMIDigital audio, passing byDACD/a chip into processingAudioAnalog stereo;

4.Using the most advanced video processing technology, the image brightness, contrast and color enhancement processing.

5.After conversionCVBSEffect TouLiangDu dye - in - the - wood (unlike previous generationHDMIturnCVBSTheCVBSSignals have a hazy feeling)

Products adopt technical characteristics is introduced:

1.There is no power supplyThe MINIVolume(small)

Using a new generation of low power consumption digital processing chip.24A Small non - stop work and calorific value is not big, work stability

2.usingThe 3 dThe Compensation technology;Effectively eliminate the dithering and trailing fast moving picture

4.Using theScalerVideo processing technology:The hdHDMIThe signal afterScaler DownConverted toCVBSThe output


The inputHDMIDigital audio signal, throughDACD/a chip, converted into analog audio


2And the product specifications

1)The Hardware switch, plug-in and play, no software driver

2)Compatible withHDMI1.3

3)The supportNTSCwithPalTwo kinds of system output

4)A set ofHDMIThe input;A set ofavThe output;A set of stereo output;

A.Inputs:-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- HDMI 1 xThe road input;

B.Video output terminals: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- VIDEO 1 xLk output

C.Analog audio output terminals-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- L/R x 1Lk output

5) HDMIInput formats:480 p,576 I, 576 p, 720 p, 1080 p @ 60 hz

At the same time compatibleDVIMode:800 x600, 1024 x768, 800 x720, 1024 x1024,1920 x1080 / @ 60 hzSeveral patterns to the as

avVideo output:480 I,576 I(optional)

Audio output: left and right channel (L/R)

The Appearance of The size:(D) 66 x20 x55 (W) (H) mm

3The application platform:

1) the KTVThen

The hdHDMISignals, access system, ordinary resulting from the conversionavSignal, easy to transport the received the small TV

2)Important meeting system, the individual platform

After the high - definition camera hdHDMIAfter the converter switching signal, and then through the from card to the computer system, is advantageous for the long short remote transmission

3)Level of civil industry:

The Hd player barge,DVD,The Set top boxes, andThe PS3, XBOX360Blu-ray machine, etc., connected to the ordinary TV after conversionavInterface to watch

HDMI to AV switch will be high - definition HDMI signal turn to general use on the television.

  • Input HDMI signal formats: 480 I / 60 hz, 480 p / 60 hz, 576 I / 60 hz, 576 p / 60 hz, 720 p50/60 hz, 1080 i50/60 hz, 1080 p50/60 hz.
  • The output signal: CVBS Vpp (1.0), S - Video (Vpp, C Y: 1.0:1.0 Vpp).
  • The output video format: PAL, NTSC.
  • Video signal output impedance matching: 75 ohms.
  • Compatible with the HDCP protocol.
  • Power supply: DC5V.


Using a small tip:
DTS and RAW source code decoding

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