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HT-8080-10 L wireless passive infrared intrusion detector alarm host form a complete set probe


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HT - 8080-10 (L) wireless passive infrared intrusion detector alarm host form a complete set of the probe
Model : 1372627503


Product synopsis:

HT - 8080-10 (L) wireless passive infrared intrusion detectors, by special infrared sensor signal processing chip, the dual pyroelectric sensors, Fresnel lens, digital coding and other components of the transmission circuit, stable and reliable performance, strong anti-jamming capability.Detection Angle 84 °, from 8 to 12 meters, launch distance can reach 800-800 m.Can be used to detect interior human body thermal infrared radiation of the invaders, and the invasion of signal transmission give alarm host alarm by wireless transmission way.

Main functions:

1, the activities of the human body target detection alert scale, transmit digital coding signal, alarm in wireless transmission mode.
2, firing circuit adopts the high quality crystal, unstable frequency drift, launch distance can reach 800-800 m.
3, automatic compensation sensitivity to ambient temperature changes.
4, PCB board with double face epoxy plate, the main parts adopt SMT process, strong anti-interference ability, low rate of false positives. 
5, detection sensitivity adjustable, detection distance. 
6, according to the monitoring environment anti-interference mode choice.
7, with special universal joint, the detection Angle freely adjust, convenient to use.
Laminated 8, built-in 9 v battery, and is equipped with an external DC power outlet, an external power supply voltage of 9-12 v DC.
9, compact appearance, beautiful and practical.

Technical parameters:


model HT - 8080-10 (L)
The name of the Wireless passive infrared intrusion detectors
Detection methods Passive infrared detection
Detection range 8 to 12 meters (room temperature 25 °)
Detection Angle 84 °
The sensitivity Two levels: high and low
Launch distance From 800 to 1000 meters (open)
Transmission frequency 315 MHZ or 315 MHZ
Anti-interference mode 1 (weak), 2 (strong)
Working mode Test (10 seconds), use (60 seconds)
Working voltage A DC 9 v battery (laminated)
The static current Mu A 50 or less
Working temperature - 10 ° to 40 °
The installation height 1.8 ~ 2.2 meters (wall-mounted installation)
Scope of application indoor
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