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HT-D01 B electronic sand table module alarm module


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HT - D01 (B) electronic sand table module alarm module
Model : 1372609639


Product synopsis:

1, with a switch signal output interface, and the output time 5 second, 300 second, 600 second 3 optional.
2, free coding module, fast and convenient to do.
3, data signal transmission, using the bus system wiring simple and convenient.
4, control the light alarm protection zones, siren, linkage equipment such as cameras, enhance deterrent.

Main functions:

    HT - D01 (B) electronic sand table by microcomputer chip technology, SMT process, work stability, strong anti-jamming capability.According to their own requirements to module coding, do fast and convenient.Mainly used to control the light of the corresponding alarm protection zones, camera, siren linkage device, such as strengthening alarm deterrence, improve safety coefficient of preventing the environment, provides effective evidence to solve the case.Outdoor installation type, has a good waterproof, but with our company in the production of HT - 110 - b (P 6.1) host.

Technical parameters:

1, working voltage: dc 12 v
2, the static current: 10 mA, or less
3, the alarm current: 45 mA or less
4, output interface: 1
5, the output state: normally open switch quantity
6, output interface coefficient (maximum load current) : 10. A 250 v AC
7, data signal length: 500 meters or less Φ 0.4 mm (shielded wire)
8, using the environment: 25 ° to 40 °
9, appearance size: 122 mm x 88 mm x 36 mm


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