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In low-frequency ID 232 remote reader parking Private Day font reader Z232


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In the low-frequency ID / 232 remote reader / parking Private Day font reader [ Z232 ]
Model : 1729817330



Manufacturers , welcome to wholesale , price negotiable

Manufacturers , welcome to wholesale , price negotiable



Model : Z232

[Detail ]
ID remote reader (125kHz Long-Range Card Reader) the introduction of international advanced technology , it has a new product processing technology , completely independent intellectual property rights , low power consumption , high sensitivity , reading distance, high-performance, low price , interference, stability, mainly used in smart parking , access channel management , access control and other industries, operating frequency standard 125kHz, using a non-contact radio frequency EM format ID card .
This reader is applied to 125kHz frequency, completely independent intellectual property design, high performance , support for EM-ID card , the card can be read from the ordinary EM 500 mm or more, if you use our company to provide long-distance thick card , the maximum sensing distance more than 1100 mm ( test standard : in a relatively small interference environment and use the recommended linear power supply, and our long-range recommended by thick card test ) , in addition to its full range of products to increase the auto-tuning and digital filtering , the effective performance increased sensing range and reduced noise vibration and interference. It Wiegand data output formats (Wiegand) W26, Wiegand (Wiegand) W34, standard RS485, RS485 non-standard format V2 or V4 and standard RS232-A or B, as well as custom interfaces. In addition, its unique anti-jamming software system that allows both the reader very close to the time, can still maintain the basic working conditions, does not significantly shorten the distance . Another reader using environmentally friendly epoxy sealed completely comply with UL interference harsh environment can be reduced to a minimum, and maximum compliance with the requirements of environmental protection products .
Technical Parameters
1, the operating frequency of the standard 125KHz;
2, the RF card : EM -compatible ID card ;
3 , complete interface : RS232 (RS232 Data Format : 9600, N, 8,1)
4 , the response rate: less than 0.2s;
5 , time intervals : \u003c 0.5 seconds ;
5 , Power Specifications : + DC 12 ~ 15V
( Recommend using a linear 12 ~ 15VDC and not less than the rated current of 1A linear regulated power supply ) ;
6 Current : 70mA;
7 , sensing distance : up to 100CM! ( Depending on the impact of smart chip card ) ;
8 , Working temperature: -25 degrees - +75 degrees ;
9 , Humidity : 10-90 % ;
10 built-in antenna : Yes;
11 , the communication distance : 100 meters ;
12 , transmission: real-time ;
13 , the product features : low power consumption , high sensitivity , reading distance, strong performance, low price , interference, stability
14 , Case Material : PVC and spray - \u003e Internal groutability black resin ( which can effectively waterproof )
15 , size : D101: length 230mm, width 230mm, height 35mm
16 , use: smart parking , hospitals, banks , libraries , factories and other means of access management , also including railway rolling road, vehicle access statistics and management ;


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