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Infrared remote human body induction alarm independent alarm electronic dog


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Infrared remote human body induction alarm independent alarm electronic dog
Model : 1991656991



A, product introduction

     This alarm is following the previous manual fortification, the sound of the alarm based on the introduction of new technology of intelligent products, can play a role of guard against theft on special occasions.Infrared anti-theft industry gathering as the core, when it was within the detection range activities immediately issued a report to the police

Widely used in the courtyard, passage, corridors, balcony, need to fortify the place such as warehouse, carport, independent alarm system, is a kind of economical and intelligent high-tech anti-theft products an ideal choice.

Second, the product features

1, simple installation, convenient and flexible adjustable Angle.

2, infrared detection without being limited by the light, day and night is available.

3, the time delay function design, more suitable for all kinds of unattended places use only.

4, stronger anti-interference ability, less power consumption, long service life.

Third, installation method

1, before installation should be according to the application of this product range (distance and height) positioning, determine whether need output power wiring at the same time, can open HouGaiBan when need, on the connecting column twist wire to the socket for use.

2, installation rack mount and clamping, appropriate to adjust the detection Angle.

3, special occasions can be an external current standby power, in case of mains power failure to ensure the normal work.

Fourth, method of use

1, this machine is composed of detector (host) and the remote control, remote control by the owner to carry, for the use of feature selection.

2, connected to the power, indicator, delay automatic alert after 30 seconds, when someone enters the detection area, indicating lights, and immediately send the alarm.

3, when people leave or stop activities, alarm delay stop after 80 seconds, if activities again, and again sounded the alarm and so on.

4, protection, removal function, press the protection key, host into work state, detects movement gives alarm!

Five, the matters needing attention

1, this product installation height from the ground 1.5-3.0 meters for the best.

2, white film is receiving infrared lens, do not scratch, if you have stains please put clean gently with cotton, strictly according to wear.

3, the camera don't have a large area of obstructions, lest affect detection results.

4, avoid is installed on the air conditioner, heating stoves and other heating element near, unfavorable also installed in the strong airflow vent, lest produce false positives.

5, connection or mobile, please pull the plug, to ensure

6, the output power design for relay contact, when using external appliances do not overload.Under special circumstances can add the intermediate relay.

7, this product can not directly exposed to the unprotected outdoor when using the outdoor environment.

8, the product vertical induction are lateral induction sensitivity.

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