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Insert phone card home wireless infrared alarm GSM burglar alarm family security burglar shops


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Insert phone card home wireless infrared alarm GSM burglar alarm of family security burglar shops
Model : 1991678595



aeProduct.getSubject() Product features in detail:
S remote operation, make a phone call or send messages to the alarm of phone card inside, can carry out remote protection, removal, monitoring, alarm, etc.
S two groups regularly cloth removal function, eliminating the frequent manual cloth removal.
S 1 set of normally open signal output, it can be an external electrical linkage alarm output.
S ten sectors can be set for the common defence, defence, defence, or close to play at home, and other types.
S phone (phone) or SMS remote Settings on the host system.Innovative compatible with China mobile fetion functions.
S to save users send text messages to the host system Settings on the SMS.
S four-way cable and wireless sectors, 6 road sector can increase more accessories.
S 6 groups of voice calls, SMS 3 groups called number, 10 seconds ISD automatic message recording
That s a variety of built-in voice, called know exact bearing industry.
S a built-in multiple text messages.User can send text messages or fetion query the state of the host.The text content of alarm protection zones can be modified.
S wireless smart learning to code, compatible with 2262 common coding and millions of group coding, increase or decrease parts convenient and flexible.
S phone (phone) remote control protection, removal, monitor, intercom, propaganda, control of household appliances, etc.
Block s EEPROM information protection, the information will never be lost
S a built-in rechargeable battery power, the automatic conversion of NI - HI spare battery and short message.
S ac, dc amphibious, 24 hour uninterrupted normal alert
S host adopts two, three or four frequency module, GSM/GPRS wireless industry is stable and reliable.





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