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ip camer 960P HD dual-core TI 1300000 remote network camera surveillance cameras


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ip camer 960P HD dual-core TI 1300000 remote network camera surveillance cameras
Model : 1774215760


Special promotions 1,300,000 real 1960P HD network camera digital DaVinci dual-core private mode !

EASTOP ™ camera factory HD camera brand , to provide peer OEM or neutral product !

EASTOP ™Dedicated to the development, production and sales of high-definition surveillance products for the integration of technology companies , given the current market demand and the development of surveillance technology, monitoring industry has reached a high-definition era. According to industry professionals and industry chipmakers gradually standardized system of unified data format for high-definition SDI video products provide the conditions to grow and spread , there are songs to be smart technology market trends have also developed their own high-definition camera technology property rights , to monitor the industry to provide customers with more choices .

Adopt a global advanced HD video processor provides powerful HD video interface , coupled with high-quality filters tailored to the image obtained with the human eye to observe a consistent color . Can be used in transportation, ** , fire protection , landscaping and other important places , HD Series bolt with long-distance transmission up to 100 meters , using the SDI signal amplifier , the total distance will be extended.

Background million network HD cameras

In video surveillance products experienced the analog era , the digital age , after the development of the Internet age , is now gradually into the HD era. "Let us see more clearly " is no longer a concept , and the emergence of HD products can greatly enhance the value of the system, bring a broader space for development of video surveillance
To built intelligent network security monitoring system , the first to be so intelligent network cameras . But how to make full use of network cameras surplus of CPU resources , which intelligent video analysis and recognition software algorithms embedded into a network camera , is the focus of the current security research scholars . Second, when the tradition prime video formats can no longer meet the needs of our monitoring , the high-definition network video is also getting into our lives, because the other has provided high-definition video images , video algorithms to meet our prerequisite requirements.






PS.Lens irradiation distance see the table below ( see the full image can be saved to download ).

Lens size and distance control parameters :


PS. Cabinet full metal build , the main Hikvision , Dahua , parti -known brands such as Shell .
PS. The Company can be customized for clients all housing market , the same module strive to reduce project costs !


1/3 Aptina HD CMOS sensor
Dual-core 32-bit DSP (TI DaVinci DM365)
H.264 HighProfile, JPEG capture
Phone monitoring (iPhone, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, Symbian, Android)
IR distance 45 meters ( 45 meters from the need to support the lens )
ONVIF protocol support on the market more than 90% NVR DVR !

TI DaVinci million high-definition network camera parameters

Pixels (depending on model )
1,000,000 pixels
1.3 million pixels
2,000,000 pixels

IR distance (depending on model )
25 m - 60 m

System Architecture
Dual-core 32-bit DSP (TI DaVinci DM365)

Operating system
Embedded RTOS design

Sensor type (depending on model )
1/3 OV HD CMOS sensor
1/3 Aptina HD CMOS sensor

Color 0.6Lux at (F1.2, AGC ON), 0 LUX with IR monochrome 0.08 Lux at (F1.2, AGC ON), 0 LUX with IR

1 /50 ( 1 /60 ) seconds to 1 /100 , 000 sec

HD special lens 6mmatF1.8 (8mm, 12mm optional )

Lens Interface Type

Day u0026 Night Mode

Video compression standards
H.264 HighProfile, JPEG capture

Compression output rate
100Kbps ~ 6Mbps

Audio compression standard
The maximum image size (depending on model )
720P 1280 * 720
960P 1280 * 960
1080P 1920 * 1080

Frame rate (depending on model )
50Hz: 25fps (1280 * 720); 60Hz: 30fps (1280 * 720)
50Hz: 25fps (1280 * 960); 60Hz: 30fps (1280 * 960)
50Hz: 25fps (1920 * 1080); 60Hz: 30fps (1920 * 1080)

Image settings
Saturation, brightness , contrast through IE browser client or adjustable

The image output (depending on model )
Main stream 1280 * 720 , 704 * 576 secondary stream
Main stream 1280 * 960 , 704 * 576 secondary stream
Main stream 1920 * 1080 , sub-stream 704 * 576

Storage function
Support built-in MicroSD memory ( optional ) , network storage

SDI and IP Megapixel cameras

HD-SDI cameras because the picture fidelity and real-time requirements in some areas of high -quality , close- transmission and real-time monitoring or have the clear advantage, while the previous analog monitor reconstruction projects SDI advantage. Relatively long-distance transmission of relatively high quality requirements of IP camera field advantage .
HD-SDI is not like some people in the industry said , SDI will completely replace the IP, you will not be some people said nothing. But in a very long period of time SDI and IP cameras will be long-term coexistence .

PS. The Company SDI HD camcorder unique advantages !

Select HD grounds

1 ) greater coverage mentioned above , a major advantage is that IP HD cameras , wider coverage , the same monitoring area can replace the original camera or multiple fixed -point omnidirectional camera . This intensive places such as airport security channel , station , subway , shopping mall entrances , parking lots , factories, bank teller , etc., generally require the original design of a number of intensive low-resolution cameras , to protect the dead , and now, the deployment of IP HD the camera is a good choice.

2 ) the image quality is better as the saying goes , " success depends on details ", IP HD cameras allows the use of advanced photographic image details more clearly, especially for moving objects , the progressive scan mode can provide us with better image quality , effective solved interlaced comb blur caused . Reliable image quality + details = reliable quick survey and analysis, so the video store vast amounts of data are all valuable hard disk image data , which is important for the license plate , face recognition and other applications. Conversely , if the image quality is poor, the lack of detailed information , future investigations will undoubtedly bring great difficulties analysis .

3 ) Multi-area IP networking more convenient with the popularity of high-definition network camera , with the support of the back-end product definition embedded NVR products have become more abundant, especially the popularity of its high-definition cameras in IP plays in network camera important role , and its main function is to record online video stream , Storage and forwarding agents to provide real-time display and other functions , and more generally embedded architecture , hardware decoding support multiple network access standard definition or high-definition video camera . Albert world of embedded NVR example, it can support 8 or 16 signs clear definition network camera access ; embedded hardware decoding , real-time preview , video ; internal hard disk can store bits ; built- agent forwarding module can access the video stream to be forwarded .

HD-SDI HD camera module ( core )

AD. The company specializes in providing high-definition HD-SDI module , module manufacturers in Guangdong security monitoring ! Please look Intro module bar products, please contact customer service online .


1 WelcomeEASTOPOur brand cameras settled !


Our top high security monitoring equipment , the leading broadcast HD-SDI HD Series front and back-end embedded transmission equipment , the production base is located in Shenzhen R u0026 D center after the garden - Longhua District , technical strength , at present , SDI HD camera Shenzhen ago five strong, and I believe the majority of pro full support , we will scale new heights !

Plant Operations Manager Mobile: 18118705361 - can deal directly with sale 



Perfect pre -sales, after-sales service system,Factory direct price system, Quality assurance ! First-class service !

PS. Restaurant can provide a VAT invoice with ordinary invoices , the need for public transfers !

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