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IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Silver Metal Rugged Fingerprint Only Access Control Wiegand


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IP65 Waterproof Outdoor Silver Metal Rugged Fingerprint Only Access Control Wiegand
Model : 2020633666


Metal fingerprint machine

Metal shell, anti- sabotage , anti-rust design
Using infrared remote control keyboard , easy to operate , the appearance of small , simple
Fingerprint authentication , easy to use
Support the fingerprint administrator

◆ Working Voltage DC : 12V ± 10%
◆ Sleep current : 20mA
◆ Standby current : 100mA
◆ Relay contact load capacity : 3A
◆ Ambient temperature : -20 ° -60 °
◆ Relative Humidity : 20% RH-95% RH
◆ Fingerprint storage capacity: 120
◆ Administrator Fingerprint capacity: 2
◆ User Fingerprint capacity: 118
◆ Collector Resolution : 450 DPI
◆ Fingerprint Entry time: 1S
◆ Fingerprint search time : 2S
◆ False acceptance rate : 0.0001%
◆ FRR: 0.01%
◆ Housing: Metal
◆ Dimension : 115mm × 70mm × 35mm
◆ Weight: 500g


I. Introduction :
F007 is a full metal structure fingerprint access one machine . It uses sophisticated electronics and excellent production technology , elegant, and the extraordinary .
This product uses the world's leading fingerprint recognition technology, safe and reliable, is demanding access to safe places ideal for access control applications , widely used in business organizations , offices, factories, residential quarters and so on.
The product with the infrared remote keyboard and fingerprint administrator password management, operation is simple and convenient.
Can store up to 120 fingerprints, including two administrators fingerprints, 118 user's fingerprint , each costing fingerprint assigned an ID number .

II Features

Sleep function
The machine is equipped with body sensor device, when someone approaches , the unit goes into standby mode , left after 30 seconds , the unit automatically enters sleep mode, hibernation saves power , and can prolong life.

Administrator remote control function
With an infrared remote control , enter the administrator password to enter programming mode , proceed as follows :
Modify the administrator password , add fingerprint , delete fingerprints, fingerprint empty set opening hours, tamper alarm time is set to release a tamper alarm .

User fingerprint operation function
The ID number of the user fingerprint 3-120 , only for unlocking .
Exit button operation function
External exit button for unlocking .

Parameter setting function
Opening time : 0 ~ 10 seconds , the factory default is 5 seconds , the administrator can set up the remote control .

Drive electric lock function
NC and COM terminals controlled cathode power locks, power lock mode used , should be set open time of 1-10 seconds.
N0 and COM terminal control anode power locks, power lock mode used , should be set to 0 open time ( actually 50mS).

Tamper alarm function
When the unit was illegally demolished during normal operation , the buzzer emits a continuous alarm sound for 1 minute auto shut down.

Important information
Do not attempt to repair the machine, if there are questions , please return to factory repair .
Before installing the wall if you want to punch , carefully inspect the dark wire or tube , or fixed in the borehole when the clip you want to use safety glasses .
If the product upgrade instructions may vary without notice

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