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KaiHong KH8919 telephone connected to wireless burglar alarm 8 protection zones cable quality goods


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KaiHong KH8919 telephone connected to the wireless burglar alarm 8 protection zones cable quality goods
Model : 1759534699


Common sense about detectors

1, what is the probe?

Detector is the use of sensor sensing a variety of physical change and chemical change of electric current, pulse signal

To promote rf circuit emit alarm signals.

2, what is the detection range?

Detection range refers to the induction range for normal work of the detector, the detector can detect within this range

All objects in motion to produce alarm status.

3, what is the detection range?

Detector can detect in the normal work of the farthest distance.

4, what is the launch distance?

Alarm system of wireless devices in the wireless alarm signal after being triggered in the form of electromagnetic launch out the most

At a distance.

5, what is the induction sensitivity?

Refers to the detector is triggered when the alarm detection distance and reaction speed, high sensitivity sensor, then

In the distance is far away from the probe can be detected,Induction sensitivity low and close to detect fan only


6, what is the door magnetic detector?How it works?

Door magnetic detector is used for induction door opening and closing.Usually there are wooden door magnetic, magnetic, magnetic window, steel door

Magnetic.Its principle is to use the magnet can control controlThe principle of magnetron opening and closing, when both closer together

Magnetron is closed, and the extra separate both magnetron can disconnect, disconnect the signal will beTouch the launch

A wireless alarm signal to the alarm host frequency circuit.

7, smoke detectors?How it works?

Smoke detectors used in household, office, commercial and other areas.The scene early in the event of fire smoke in a timely manner

Alarm, in not avoidedHowever.Usually divided into ion type smoke, and the photoelectric smoke.Ion type smoke

Fog its principle is to use of smoke particles between electrodes, the electricityThe principle of electrode voltage changes.

8, what is the gas detector?How it works?

Mainly installed in the kitchen, effectively prevent the gas leak master life threatening. Its front-end sensor probe

When the gas temperature change will happen, the process of its change triggered by processing circuit into a control signal

Alarm signal.

aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()aeProduct.getSubject()Product listing: host 1 / probe only 1/2 / magnetic door only one remote control

An overview,
KH8819 eight sectors alarm telephone network, is made up of infrared detector, wireless alarm host, door magnetic detector and the wireless remote control.Detector once detected the invasion, the invasion of alarm signal wireless password immediately transferred to the alarm host, the host after receiving the alarm signal, will immediately start the high decibel siren alarm, a slip of the LED panel host alarm indicator lights, and clearly shows the orientation of the invaders, at the same time, through the telephone network, the alarm host, the host to set the alarm and play recorded voice dial telephone number cycle.After users received a call, can according to the need for a series of remote control operation.
KH8819 alarm telephone network, USES the international advanced microcomputer chip control system.Detection distance, alarm safe and reliable performance, more sets of alarm installed adjacent using not harass each other.Host power, dc power supply, the user more economical, convenient to use.
Second, the scope of use
Houses, buildings, courtyards, factory, garage, office, financial room, shopping (shop) and other places.
Three characteristics, system function
1, eight wireless sectors, is equipped with two cable interface;
2, a key to the remote control operation, can be carried out first class and second class protection:
3, built-in the United States ISD10 second recording chip, automatic six group calls, remote voice alarm:
4, the built-in loud siren, can be an external signal, the high decibels alarm;
5, detectors, remote control and host of wireless automatic code, i.e. learning type is, the probe configuration operation more convenient:
6, remote monitoring, protection, removal, deterrence and control functions;
7, with telephone lines cut alarm function, and can not detect line break line, used as field alarm functions: (the telephone line cutting
Bolt peal siren call for 10 seconds, make independent alarm, siren crying 60 seconds.)
8, can automatically cut off the electricity, the electricity, priority alarm function:
9, emergency function, in case of gangsters intrusion, fire, disease, abnormal situations can activate the functions such as:
10, "watchdog" information protection function, power failure information will never be lost, never crash;
11, with turning center networking alarm function.
Fourth, the main technical indicators
1, host,
Working voltage: ac 220 v, 6 v dc
Static electricity: < 3.5 mA
The alarm sound level: > 100 db
Slip shows: no
2, wireless infrared detectors
Detection range: 8-15 meters
Working voltage: dc 9 v
Static electricity: < 60 ua;
Transmission frequency: 315 MHZ
Wireless transmitting distance: > 600 meters (open)
Temperature performance: - a 42 ° to 30 °
3, wireless door magnetic detector
Working voltage: DC12V, with 12 v / 23. A battery
Static power: < 5 ua
Transmission frequency: 315 MHZ
Wireless remote control distance > 100 m (open)
4, wireless remote control
Wireless transmitting distance: > 100 meters (open)
Working voltage: DC12V, with 12 v / 23. A battery
Transmission frequency: 315 MHZ


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