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LCD digital baby monitor wireless baby monitor baby monitors baby care unit


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LCD digital baby monitor wireless baby monitor baby monitors baby care unit
Model : 1769972928


The new wireless digital baby monitor
Wireless Baby Monitor

Baby monitors ( ie Baby Monitor) is a national best-selling products in Europe and America , there is no ability to protect themselves against major infant and some can not take care of the elderly ! With China 's economic development, quality of life continue to advance , baby monitors in the country increasingly popular ! for each pair of parents in early youth in terms of looking after a newborn baby is the most headache . The traditional way of not only time consuming but also take care of the baby bother . How can that peace of mind, save time and can take care of the baby , baby monitors can good solution to this problem , which consists of two components namely: wireless camera and wireless receiver. Wireless cameras placed around the baby , it can be an imaging area of the image signal and infant baby sound sensor signal and transmitted through an internal wireless transmitter . A wireless receiver for receiving wireless signals emitted from the camera , by the parents carry. Integrated LCD monitor and speakers to the receiver , so that the parents can not always hear what the children say , and be able to see the child's every move. Needless to say, baby monitors applications , greatly improving the parents' freedom and flexibility . With this device , parents can even handle the outdoor courtyard at the other room other matters, while well aware of the child's situation , having to always live in fear . Parents loved by the younger generation !

Chinese Product Description:

This set is the latest digital baby monitor just listed , the new upgrade is powerful digital signal transmission , it is also encrypted to protect ! The receiver can also rotate while shooting through the screen up and down buttons on the remote camera , greatly improving the shooting range , comprehensive screen capture baby room !


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1, the wireless transmission of digital signals with encrypted to protect privacy
2, using the same frequency hopping technology to automatically avoid radio interference
3 , built-in digital wireless RF module
4,30 W pixel 2.4 -inch LCD screen receiver
5 , the remote receiver can monitor the camera rotation
6 , the maximum angle of 270 degrees horizontal camera up and down 120 degrees
7 , the camera built-in microphone , built-in speaker can be monitored in real time monitor receiver sound
8,4 channels to choose from, with support for multiple cameras
9 , camera with night vision lights, night vision distance of 5 to 10 m
10 , HD COMS 380 line imaging results
11 , open visual unimpeded transmission distance of 150 to 200 meters

Accessories :

\u003e With a PTZ camera
\u003e A receiver with display
\u003e Power two
\u003e Manual



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