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Link to 50 cm hard disk hard disk box bridge connecting cable connecting belt shielding


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Link, to 50 cm hard disk hard disk box bridge connecting cable connecting belt shielding
Model : 2021387614



Name of wire:Turn hookup to hookup wires (with braided shielding)

Wire length:1 m (hookup to the line for you to choose another 2 meters)


Hookup to introduce:

External storage devices such as mobile hard disk interface is still widely used USB2.0 or IEEE1394, although the two kinds of interface of data transfer rate reached 480 MPBS / 400 MBPS, but they don't play hard disk devices such as the maximum potential.Thus the hookup interface, is the full name of hookup External Serial ATA Serial ATA (External), it is the External extension specification SATA interface, transmission speed and SATA is exactly the same.Hookup, in other words, is "external" version of the SATA, it is used to connect to external rather than internal SATA equipment.Has the hookup interface, for example, can easily connect SATA hard drive and motherboard hookup interface, without having to open the chassis replacement SATA hard drive.Many current desktop motherboard has provided the hookup interface

SATA interface recently has gradually become the focus of all kinds of storage devices, SATA hard drive replaced PATA hard disk as the mainstream of the next generation of hard disk interface, even will be gradually into a SATA drive interface.Intel in the future mainstream level 965 platform, its ICH8 has completely abandoned the traditional ATA interface.

However, external storage device interface is one of the more common as still as a USB 2.0 and IEEE 1394, fastest USB 2.0 on the transfer rate of up to 480 MBPS, IEEE 1394 up to 400 MBPS.But these the transmission speed of the interface is not able to meet more and more equipment need.Hookup interface arises at the historic moment, so, then what is the hookup technology?How much is its speed?


Hookup interface specification

In fact, what new technology, hookup and hookup is in fact already introduced the external SATA II specification, is the industry standard interface extension of Serial ATA (SATA).Note hookup is merely an extension SATA interface, is used to connect to external rather than internal SATA equipment.Simple said is through the hookup technology, let the external I/O interface USES SATA2 function, have hookup interface, for example, you can easily insert SATA2 hard disk to hookup interface, without having to open the case to replace SATA2 hard disk.

Although support hot swap, standard specifications and stronger SATA has launched for a long time, but it has been in the mainstream market for mobile storage market.We can see the fact that the vast majority of PC systems, and have no motherboard configuration standard external SATA interface;Almost can't buy on the market offer SATA external interface of the mobile storage device;If the naked applied directly on the external SATA hard disk, it lacks convenient power connection and itself is lack of effective protection, fragile PCB completely exposed, and because the SATA cable plug only dozens of times, it also seems to did not match with the demand of the mobile.

However hookup seems to be the easiest way to solve the problem, it isn't related to the underlying complex technology, only need to improve the interface section, the application form is obviously need to hard disk configuration in a box, while the SATA hard disk hotplug support itself.Industry to hookup to the description of the interface is based on the standard SATA cable and interface, connection with a metal shell to ensure the stability of the physical connection, and hookup cable can plug 2000 times, and it also create good conditions for class hookup to grab power.

Hookup is SATA external interface type, can achieve as SATA transmission speed, such as hookup to 1500 MBPS or 3000 MBPS hookup.Hookup to 3000 MBPS speed backwards compatible to 1500 MBPS, same is the case with the current desktop hard drive.Early external SATA scheme may not conform to the hookup to specification, and obtains the hookup logo certification of products is the only thing that represents the following the latest Serial ATA specification.Due to the faster hookup interface, some high-end mobile hard disk box has been used hookup interface.

Hookup to the speed of the interface
SATA interface design is only for for use within the system unit.Hookup's appearance will make users can in external connection SATA hard disk computer rather than in the past can only be limited within the computer.Of course, you can also use the USB or FireWire achieve this function, but the hookup transmission speed has a great advantage: in the current market, USB 2.0 data transmission speed can reach 480 MB/s, the IEEE 1394 data transmission speed can reach 400 MB/s.Hookup to the highest, however, can provide 3000 MB/s data transmission speed, far higher than the usb and IEEE1394, and still maintain convenient hotplug function, the user does not need to shutdown can be connected to or remove SATA device at any time, is very convenient.

, of course, although eSATA2 interface can reach 3 Gbps transfer rate in theory, but in practical application, the restriction of the hard drive internal transfer rate and main board, the actual data transfer may be between 1.5 Gbps to 3 Gbps, but still higher than that of the IEEE 1394, USB2.0 transmission rate.

Therefore, fast transmission speed and convenience of mobile ability, in the near future, hookup will replace the usb and IEEE 1394 become the development trend of external extension interface.

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