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mail 3 5 inches wireless visible talkback doorbell remote control lock +cameras +night vision


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mail 3.5 inches of the wireless visible talkback doorbell remote control lock with cameras with night vision
Model : 1763909492


Functional features:

(1) 2.4 GFull digital frequency hopping and encryption technology,Barrier-free about280m,Strong anti-interference;

(2) Outside the door machine using wide Angle lens,Clear night vision function;

(3) Indoor visual machine adopts3.5"Digital screen,can24Hours monitoring,Timing automatic standby;Remote control open electronic door lock;

(4) Indoor machine can automatically photographed and active,Store photos can be achieved1000More than one,Can also browse pictures;

(5) Hands-free calling and talk back;

(6) Automatic standby and adjust the indoor machine volume;

(7) Indoor visual machineMiniUSBcharginginterface, Replaceable lithium ion rechargeable battery;

(8) A indoor visual machine controlled much outside in front of the machine,Maximum remote control 4In front of the outdoor machine;A front of the outdoor machineAlso can call up to 4Indoor visual machine;

(9)Conform to theThe FCC, CE, R&TTEstandard;

Technical specifications:

1. A third camera 300000 pixels CMOS color
2, screen: 3.5 "color LCD display
3, power source: 12 VDC (note: the machine must be at the gate of the power supply; indoor charging can use)
4, capacity: yituo 4
5, power consumption: standby is less than 0.3 W, maximum 15 W
6, resolution: 640 x 380 (color)
7, night-vision light source: infrared light
8, ambient temperature: - 20 ° ~ 60 °
Standard configuration: host 1 + 1 + host power + the door the door machine mechanical and electrical source + host cell + specifications
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