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Metal Rugged Indoor Use All-in-One RFID 125 KHz Card + PIN Access Control w PIN LED


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The appearance of new products , elegant. Zinc alloy shell , with noble blue luminous function . 

Model : KL1K


I. Introduction :

The appearance of new products , elegant. Zinc alloy shell , with noble blue luminous function . Non-contact proximity card access controller access control system is one of modern art . It uses the latest central processing unit (CPU) And large capacity non-volatile memory chips, all the information will not be lost due to power ; usingHOMMARDThe latest technology, powerful, with proximity card to open the door , induction card and password , card or password to open the door three kinds of ways to open the door .

This product has a door alarm and status output Tamper alarm ( warning : Alarm current maximum150mA) , Sensors and other sound card with password security measures allow users more secure ; open button , closing reminders, can be connected to electric power lock lock lock lock or other powerful features , allowing users to more easily select .

This product provides a secure way to automatically export controls is a business organization office factories and other places ideal residential unit .

SB-K02Can achieve1000A card user and each card can be set up a group of users4Digit password , relay output can provide3Amp load capacity.







Two, Features


  1. Programmable functions


*Open delay time ;

* 1An administrator,Password can be set and modified,Managed1000A card user and password for the user ;

*Door status monitoring .


  1. Programmable time

*Opening hours: 00~99Sec ;

*Alarm time:00~99Minutes.



Please executed once before the first use"Restore to factory settings".

Do not attempt to repairSB-K02Controller. If there are questions, please communicate with manufacturers solving, communication can not be resolved , please go back to factory repair .

Before installation , for use in drilling in the wall , carefully inspect the dark wire or tube , or fixed in the borehole when the clip you want to use safety glasses .


Third, the interface principle and interface parameters


1. Alarm output interface

Alarm output is an open collector output, maximum output current tankprefix = st1 ns = "urn: schemas-microsoft-com: office: smarttags"150 mA, Interface schematics as ( Figure1) .


2. Relay Output Interface

SB-K02The relay output is fully isolated with its internal circuit output , contact output load capacity of3AInterface principle as ( Figure2) .


Chart1 Alarm output interface Chart2 Relay Output Interface







Four , installation, fixing and wiring

1. Lay the mounting holes in the wall or installed wiring box .

2. The lead from the bottom of the outlet hole piercing, unplug the wire caps, connect the required

The lead line ( refer to Figure5-1Or Fig.5-2) .

3.Please do not wire wrapped with insulating plastic .

4. The Division is equipped with a screw fixed to the bottom or wall wiring box(Chart3 ).

5. Plug into the wiringPCBTerminal Block board(J1)(Figure4) .

6. Then finished line, and finally with screw locking surface shell and bottom ( Figure3) .Â

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