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Monitor PTZ CCTV Controller Decoder Decoder monitor indoor and outdoor housing +multi-protocol decoder


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Monitor PTZ CCTV Controller Decoder Decoder monitor indoor and outdoor housing with multi-protocol decoder
Model : 1149808864


Monitor decoder is used to decode microprocessor control signal, the control cameras and peripherals controller. Decoders are monitoring system front-end control equipment, through the decoder can be realized on Wanxiangyun , zoom lens, auxiliary switches and other equipment control. Wide range of operating temperature requirements , improve self-test function and safety control functions.
PTZ drivers using high-performance relay , overcoming the problem of fragile silicon devices . Relay circuit control lens aperture , focus, zoom. Communications interface circuit using decoder recoverable fuse and voltage transient suppressor protection technology , communication is half-duplex RS-485 signal transmission distance 1500 m .

PTZ driver output : 2A / AC24V
Lens Control output : DC6V-DC12V 300mA maximum
Auxiliary switch driver : 10A / DC28V, 7A / AC220V
Output Power : 2A / AC24V 800mA/DC12V
Communication : RS-485 half-duplex
Control Distance: 1500 meters
Control Protocol : PELCO-P, PELCO-D, SAMSUNG, Philips, RM110, CCR-20G, HY, KALATEL, KRE-301, VICON, ORX-10, Panasonic, YAAN, ALEC, Mainvan, AB, AD, DALLES, Pearmain , KONY
PTZ control : up, down , left, right , upper left , lower left , upper right , lower right, automatically
Lens control : aperture, focal length , zoom
Use of the environment : ≤ 90 ℅ RH ( non-condensing ) -10 ° ~ 55 °
Working power : 15W / AC220V

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