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Mount wireless visible talkback doorbell 3 5-inch color screen Building intercom Yituo three touch keys


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Mount the wireless visible talkback doorbell 3.5 -inch color screen Building intercom Yituo three touch keys
Model : 1763897301


Wireless oh, batteries, outdoor installation is too convenient

Version of the wireless visible talkback doorbell to save powerSY359MJ image store the doorbell is our independent research and development of a multifunctional 2.4 G digital wireless transceiver yituo a doorbell.Using our new RF radio frequency chip, high performance ARM processing chip, the design of the industrial standard, to develop a multifunctional wireless digital visual doorbell.

The battery and power supply two kinds of works, outdoor use time of battery reaches or even more than half a year.Full hands-free voice communications, voice clear and loud.Portable handheld machine, of any room to move in the house, with a beautiful charging base.Can be applied to bring the courtyard of the villa of 3 to 4 floors.Installation is convenient, the door machine tamper alarm function.

Wireless video door bell, wireless doorbell, intercom doorbell, the wireless visible talkback doorbell is my company's latest development and production of high-tech security products, without wiring, and the house intercom call each other, indoor machine may at any time to monitor outdoor, indoor machine can open the door.Anti-interference ability is strong, clear sound quality pictures!Collection of wireless doorbell, video intercom, the remote control to open the door to a body, it overcomes the defect of traditional wireless doorbell can't call, also avoid cable doorbell need construction wiring trouble, is an upgraded version of the traditional doorbell!You are welcome to use ~ distribution agent ~ ~ export trade.We sincerely welcome people from all walks of life to negotiate with us.

A. Product features:
1. Visual intercom function: have a guest come to visit, pressed the doorbell and intercom call freely voice clear, as in the front.
2. Outdoor monitoring function: the door has a strange sound, a click, then be clear at a glance, safeguard.
3. Remote control lock function: family home too late;The weather is too cold outside.In bed don't want to;Don't want to get up in front of the computer;And a click, visible, and the lock automatically.
4. Photo archive functions: master is not at home, have a guest visit.And as long as the light ring the bell, and automatically take pictures stored, master come back free inquiry.Miss any important meetings;
5. Tamper alarm function: if someone the door machine, sabotage, and the house will alarm prompt.

1, using 2.4 G ISM digital public space: 2402-2483.5 MHz.
2, air transfer rate of up to 2 mbit/s, greatly shorten the space transmission time.
3, 16 speech sampling precision, 8 k sampling rate.16 bit DAC audio output, output.
4, full-duplex speech patterns.
5, image data transmission and voice data synchronous transmission.
6, using analog camera, 3.5 -inch display, hd picture.
7, the image adopts MJPEG compression way, one-way wireless can be up to 13 ~ 18 frames per second.
8 16-20 DBM, launch power, receiving sensitivity - 90 - - 90 DBM.
9 clearing, communication distance of 300 meters.
10, indoor machine lithium electricity power supply to 3.7 V, outdoor power supply 5 V, 1 a, the lock used 12 V power supply customer supplied.
11, the AFH adaptive frequency hopping technology, can be Shared with wireless network card and bluetooth devices at the same time 2.4 G band.
12, random generation communication channel and synchronization, then generate 40 bits password.
13, conform to CE/CCC/FCC/R&NTTE/Rosh certification standards.
14, the door machine has three types of lock.
15, the door machine has night vision function.

16, seg handsets available:

1. When working current is 200 ma;

2. The loudest when the current is 240 ma;

3. The working voltage of 3.7 V.

4. Use 3.7 V lithium batteries;

5. 18 DBM transmission power;

6. The receiving sensitivity - 100 DBM for;

7. Language audio sound: 300 hz ~ 3000 hz

8. A hands-free calling patterns, can adjust the volume

The door machine:

Methods: 1. The power supply of 3.7 V lithium batteries, lithium batteries can be charged, machine with 2 pieces of batteries.

2. The working current: the door machine work 200 ma

3. The signal-to-noise ratio: voice > 55 db

4. Working temperature: - 20 ° to + 70 °

5. The communication distance: clearing > 300 m (further set according to customer requirements)

Batteries work.Working time reached more than six months.

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