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No noise sensitive low-noise high-fidelity noise-free audio mini-pickup pickup


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No noise sensitive low-noise high-fidelity noise-free audio mini- pickup pickup
Model : 1769947899



Product Name: Digital monitor head DSP-2008
Product description : Digital monitor head manual
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Codec technology amplifies the audio signal processing , effectively remove background noise and high frequency sound,
The unique design of \" dynamic closed-loop electronic noise suppression circuit\", completely eliminating the \" hissing\" electronic noise.
Echo cancellation cavity effectively reduce severe echo empty room , the perfect radio .
Let your voice louder sounds . Pure tone, dynamic and mighty, the built-in automatic gain control (AGC) circuit . Adapted to the banks, prisons , examination room , shopping malls, industrial production and other listeners pickup places, with low noise, high fidelity wide operating voltage range , low power, transmission distance and so on. DSP-2008 is a new sensitivity adjustable pickups, television monitors , security systems supporting the use of the best products ,
Achieved with the use of cameras and video and audio synchronization.
Listening range : 5m2 - 150m2
Wiring methods : ( Model : DSP-2008)

Operating voltage : DC 6V ~ ~ 12V Current consumption : 20mA
Frequency Range : 300 ~ ~ 5kHz Frequency Response :. 2 5dB
Output impedance : 600 Ω output level : 0 ~ 6V
Dimensions : Φ = 69mm, h = 39mm.
Signal transmission line with an ideal core shielded cable , copper Φ = 0.3mm2 can pass 600 meters .


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