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Passive UTP Balun for CCTV Security Camera Cat 5 Video Transmission distance 300 m BNC


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Passive UTP Balun for CCTV Security Camera Cat.5 Video Transmission distance 300 m BNC
Model : 2016052571


Passive stranding effective transmission Series, The effective transmission distance300 m ,Super Category 5 cable can transmit video signals .1 300 meters network cable can transmit four group video , ultra-low cost of the project .

Characteristics and Applications twisted pair video transmission

The use of twisted-pair long , in many industrial control systems and interference larger establishments and are used in long-distance transmission twisted pair LAN widely used today we also use twisted pair. UTP reason for using such a broad , because it has a strong anti-jamming capability , transmission distance, wiring easy , inexpensive , and many other advantages. Twisted pair signal there are large attenuation , the video signal is transmitted directly if the twisted pair will decay very big, so the video signal on the twisted pair to achieve long distance transmission , the need for amplification and compensation , twisted pair video transmission devices that accomplish this function. Plus one pair of twisted pair video transceiver device, images can be transferred to 1800 meters . Twisted and twisted pair video transmission equipment prices are very cheap, not only does not increase the system cost, but the distance increases the cost compared with coaxial cable down a lot . Therefore , security monitoring, multimedia network teaching system using twisted pair transmission has its own advantages :

1 , transmission distance, high- quality image transmission . Since the twisted pair transceiver uses advanced processing technology, excellent compensate the twisted pair video signal amplitude attenuation and the attenuation difference between different frequencies , maintaining the original image brightness and color as well as real-time, in transmission distance of 1800 meters , the image signal almost no distortion.

2 , easy wiring , cables , high utilization . Extensive laying of the building blocks of Category 5 unshielded twisted pair taken in any way you can transmit video signals without additional wiring , even the re-wiring , Category 5 cable is also convenient than coaxial cable. In addition, within a category 5 cable has four pairs of twisted pair, if you use a pair of lines to transmit video signals , in addition to several on -line can also be used to transmit audio signals, control signals , power supply or other signals , improved cable utilization, while avoiding the hassle brought about various signal wiring alone , reduce project costs.

3 , anti-interference ability . Twisted pair can effectively suppress common mode interference , even in noisy environments , twisted pair is also excellent image signal can be conveyed . Furthermore , a cable is provided with several pairs of different signals transmitted separately twisted , no interference occurs between each other .

4 , high reliability and significantly improve the image brightness and clarity , easy to use. Using twisted pair transmission of video signals , to access a dedicated front-end converters, the control center to access a dedicated receiver. This twisted-pair transmission equipment cheap, it is also very simple to use , without professional knowledge , nor too much to operate, install , long-term stable and reliable work .

5 , cheap, easily obtained . The use of the common over Category 5 unshielded cables is now widely used , easy to buy , and the price is very cheap, to engineering applications bring great convenience.


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