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POE power supply module poe wireless ap bridge 18V1A power supply cable


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POE power supply module poe wireless ap bridge 18V1A power supply cable
Model : 1211033415



This paragraphPOEPowered devices

English signs : Data \u0026 Power Out = Power ( 4578 ) + Data ( 1236 ) connected devices

Data In = Data ( 1236 no power output ) connected to a computer or switch


Output 18V/1A (Actual current can be achieved1.2A)

It has input over voltage, output over -voltage, over-current per output short circuit protection?

AccordIEEE802.3af ( Ethernet )Net power supply standard. ( Copper single power supply ( seemingly ) within a distance of 80 meters )45Positive ;78Negative electrode

POEPowered Benefits

1It cost savings. Because it only needs to install a cable instead of two . In many cases , are difficult to deploy to be mounted onACPower sources. With the device connected to the Ethernet increases if do not need to provide local power equipment , will greatly reduce the cost of deployment and simplify manageability.

2It is easy to install and manage . Customers can automatically and safely mix legacy devices on the network andPoEApparatus capable of coexistence with the existing Ethernet cable .

3, It is safe . BecausePoESupply terminal equipment powered devices will only need to supply. Only powered device is connected to the Ethernet cable will have a voltage is present , thereby eliminating the risk of leakage current on the line .

4, It is easy to manage network devices .

Single-port network remote power supply has the following excellent properties :
1 .Power supply with input over- voltage, output over -voltage, output over-current and short circuit protection .
2Ethernet port speed:10M/100Mbps

3 .Conducted interference (CE) , In line withIEEE802.3afPower over Ethernet standard .
4 .Lightning Features: AC input , can withstand5KB,8/20uSThe impact of current waveforms, plus or minus5Times between1Minutes ; lightning protection circuit failure alarm function and insurance management and other security components.

Power indicator

Indicator light : Indicates that the power is working properly , the normal power supply.

LED OFF : Indicates that the power does not work ( or light feet off ; available ) .

Power during normal operation , insert the output lines , the light is off when overload or short circuit protection, power electrical equipment may be too high , or the network cable shorted electrical equipment damage.

Postage instructions

Goods are100%Kind shooting, please rest assured to buy the pro .

The default courier for the SF, tact, Azores , Shen Tong , rhyme . Recommend buyers choose SF Express province becauseFees cheap fast option in remote areasDebon logistics(Bulky ; freight buyer to pay) ; Province ( small pieces ) Optional tact, rhyme , Shen Tong .

Items must know the case to express website or buy the baby , can not reach all forwardingEMail Bao , Xinjiang, Tibet , Inner Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Gansu, Qinghai, Jilin and other remote areas express redirectedEMail Bao need to pay5-13Yuan freight ( the buyer )

Other courier and fees , please contact the shop owner, thank you

Buy Notes

General17Point before the baby photographed payment can be shipped the same day (Weekends and special circumstances notice) , But because the workload is relatively large, can not guarantee that payment can be shipped the same day , oh, we will try to ship to you the next day , I hope you can understand . Delivery time due to other problems caused delays for the inconvenience , we will be the first time telephone to communicate with the buyer (Not contact) , Send a message through the station , Want to contact you , if you receive notice of our delivery delays , please contact us as soon as possible ,


Each item will be carefully checked before shipment number being right

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