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Portable Lost function intelligent lost; preventervibrationanti-theft anti-theft alarmpurse Anti-Lost Alarm


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Portable Lost the function of intelligent lost; preventer/vibration/anti-theft anti-theft alarm/purse Anti-Lost Alarm
Model : 2002859783



With children shopping, got lost?
Forget the bag, bus station?
Cast the valuables in it, how to do?
Careless and your phone was stolen, how to do?




Using electronic anti lost the receiving end section 7 battery,


A wireless control device, the thief never hard to succeed!Rolling code the bop lost its small ultra-thin let z you at ease, comfortable.
   The eighth generation of electronic control device has a new listing.The product in accordance with the previous generation of the excellent properties of product and prevention function more comprehensive, easily with double protection.Applicability is wide and can be according to the object control wheel set 0 to 25 meters distance for any safety margin (anti lost, looking for), alarm sound prompt (with vibration) eighty decibels of sound, is carrying children, pets, luggage and articles such as close partners.

Product function and features:
1. Easy to use, wide applicability
The machine by machine (transmitter) and machine tools (receiver) of two parts, small size, easy to carry, is widely used in mobile phones, wallets, handbags, bags, bags, children, and other precious objects (people) product and lost, and prevent stealing.
2. The function is all ready, stable performance
With distance can be adjusted (0 to 25 meters adjusted), have lost, to find, alarm sound prompt (or with vibration function), automatic power saving function, such as 512 kinds of coding, the absolute is very stable and reliable performance.
3. The novel appearance, green environmental protection, the concept of design small fine beautiful, use frequency at 422 hz, receive induction - 100 DBM, small receiver: 34 * * 14 (mm), 54 transmitter size: 25 * 38 * 8 (mm)

After leaving the setting distance transmitter and receiver, receiver with a warning sound and vibration alarm to notify the user, thus property get minimum loss.This product is suitable for mobile phone lost anti-theft, lost child against, wallet bag anti-theft pet, etc.



Product features:
Green environmental protection, no radiation
Easy to carry, small, beautiful object is widely used
Free control distance, flexible use
Use 256 groups of coding, property protected
The lost find strong independence are free to choose


Technical parameters:
The throw distance nearly 0 to 25 meters is adjustable
Transmitter: working current: ma 2 or less
Receiver: working current: ma 5 or less
Using environmental conditions: temperature, 5 ~ 70 °, relative humidity 90% or less
Use frequency: 433 MHZ

Method of use:
1, prevent lost function: the receiver control wheel to maximum receiving distance, with the power switch to "prevent throw N - ON", "di" of a boot prompt sound, then the receiver:'di di....."Waiting for prompt study, at this time the transmitter power switch to ON, transmitter lights flashing, start sending signals, the receiver receives the transmitter sends an "di di" sound learning success after sound, and light flashing, said learning to code successfully.

Note: if the receiver boot (transmitter was turned off at this time) issued a "click" sound prompt learning success, please check whether there are other transmitters in the work.If the transmitter after the boot, receiver or a "di di....."Wait for prompt learning, has said that it had not learned transmitter signal.Please check whether the control wheel position is set to the correct direction, the transmitter is working correctly.
2, after the success of the study on code, wheel, can drive distance regulation set by corresponding suitable distance protection object, suggested package bags, money, and other general items, the distance in 3 meters, is a child or pet animals distance is relatively far, please according to the set.
3, when the left set distance protection object, receiver alarm (a product warning sound prompt, vibration mark products and warning tone hint).
4, looking for function: the receiver's power switch to "find" S - ON ", the receiver sends an "di di" waiting for learning, when receives the signal receiver sends an "di di di di" warning sound close to sound and vibration (with vibration products), convenient to protection object, if left to receive scope, receiver signal lamp light, don't send out alarm sound.
5, transmitter wear to be object of protection, receiver on or owner.

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