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Pure hard pressure 2864 four way acquisition card preview video acquisition card playback full D1 full compatibility


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Pure hard pressure 2864 four way acquisition card preview video acquisition card playback full D1 full compatibility
Model : 1292620642



aeProduct.getSubject() All pure hard pressure, preview the playback truly achieve D1.
New high quality super clear pure hard pressure acquisition card PCI, realize the real-time monitor the D1 and high-definition video quality, using h. 264 LV9 (h. 264) 9 compression algorithm, compatible with all kinds of motherboards, graphics CARDS, May 4/8 road / 16/32/24 road road mix plug, optional combination, by my company independent research and development of Amix9611 chip, basic no CPU resources, unique adaptive noise reduction algorithm under low illumination environment provides a super clear picture quality, reduce the code flow, save disk space.
Function characteristics:
Hd series products, whether it's preview or video, it will give you the most real visual experience;
The overall visual perception: clear, smooth, color reduction degree is high;
More details in place, using 1920 x1080 resolution would have details distortion;
Video and preview the same clear, real scene
Product parameters
Video input: 4
Single card total resources: 100 FPS (PAL) 120 FPS (NTSC)
Video sampling: 12 bits
Compressed format: h. 264
The preview resolution: D1 (704 * 576)
The video resolution: D1 (704 * 576)
Hard disk usage: D1:50-700 MB/road/hour
PCI interface standards:
Video processing chip: Intesil (Techwell) TW2864 (new)/TW2815 (old)
The software functions:
Multiple image segmentation: most support a small preview of the way, can choose according to importance preview mode;
Super stability: the hardware h. 264 Lv9 compression algorithms, video compression rate is high, the single biggest support 32 road D1 real-time image display and compression, video size can be adjusted from 50 m to 600 m can be set up;
Support the Intel/AMD CPU of various sizes, fully support the Intel, AMD, SIS, VIA, NVidia chipset series, fully compatible with all kinds of brand and the motherboard with a less known and inferior brand.
Alarm linkage which can realize voice prompts, videos, screenshots, large screen display, screen flashing hint, ball machine preset position;
Support as many as 20 kinds of yuntai protocol.
Run automatically, according to set good parameters to run automatically, automatic processing of events;
Automatic control: the end of the event, the system automatically calls the peripherals, adjust the system running parameters;
Automatically save runtime parameters: after the power cuts, failure to restart the system, the working state of the system can automatically return to the front of the fault.
Remote control: all hardware devices can be controlled through the network server;
Remote configuration, wanted by the operation of the server can be configured through the network parameters;
Alarm transmission: support alarm signal, alarm, video recording, alarm image upload, E - Mail alarm;
A variety of logging: system log, web logs, operation log and alarm log and log log;
Log rights management: cooperate with user management, provide the log view permissions management, low level users cannot see all kinds of high-grade users log.
Adopts the modular design idea: this system adopts modular design thought, independent among modules, improves the system stability and expansibility;
Can easily add hardware: video collection equipment, alarm equipment, fast ball, entrance guard, etc;
Can facilitate the increase of the function: modular design makes the increase of the local function does not affect the running stability of the whole system.
Bring their own domain name, free routing setup
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