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Real time alarm SK-139 GSM SMS alarm controller can be inserted in Chinese mobile phone card


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Real time alarm SK - 139 GSM SMS alarm controller can be inserted in Chinese mobile phone card
Model : 1463113681








Functional features


In piecesGSM SMS alarm message transmission in Chinese, fast and reliable
In piecesLine monitoring function, line fault or cut immediately send text messages to the police
In piecesThree alarm protection zones and general alarm host site alarm monitoring function
In piecesCan store 8 groups of short message alarm telephone number, can use ordinary mobile phone called, also can use SK - 2000 SMSTurning center called automatically, electronic map display
In piecesCan remote control cloth/machine control, extensible on-site monitoring function,A report regularly and tested for turning center remote control function
In piecesBut with no factory production of alarm host combination, upgraded to a double network alarm system
In piecesWith moment turn p center machine can directly enter the C&K stability treasure turning center, compatible with C&K, Contact ID, 4 + 2 communication protocol
In piecesCan be directly with CK23 x series, stable series alarm host keyboard signal lines connected to alarm code

Alarm communication way GSM SMS send alarm information in Chinese Power supply AC220V plus or minus 10%, 50 hz
Number of sectors 3 general damage resistant protection zones;A photoelectric isolation protection zones; Standby power DC 12 v 1.3 Ah maintenance-free battery
A telephone line break detection protection zones Apply to the humidity < 90%
programmatically Mobile phone remote control programming programming or text messages installation wall
SMS receiving alarm telephone SMS receiving alarm telephone number 8 group, 1 set of remote inspection number The case material High quality steel plate
The GSM module 900/1800 m double-frequency Size (L? W H) 205 * 70 * 70 mm
SIm card Power saving type 1.8 V or 3 V Weight (including battery) About 1.8 kg (2.4 kg)
Suitable temperature - 10 ° ~ 55 ° c.
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