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Real-time monitoring instrument Taiwan Babysitting baby unharmed baby monitor wireless baby care unit


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Real-time monitoring instrument Taiwan Babysitting baby unharmed baby monitor wireless baby care unit
Model : 1769984832


Wireless digital video camera :

 \u003e Note: ( Camera 1 + 1 + receiver accessories ) = 698 yuan
\u003e Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, continuous working time 1 hour
\u003e Built-in microphone , voice monitoring ( pickup works well )
\u003e Open Accessibility wireless transmission distance : Measured 200-500 meters ( different environments , with different distances )

\u003e There is resistance ( indoor ) Wireless transmission distance: 100 meters anywhere in the suite can normally receive .
\u003e For the safety of care for children and the elderly are particularly suited , and for theft prevention , home security monitoring , etc.

Wireless digital video camera , using 2.4GHz radio frequency technology to send video and audio signals to the receiver ; ultra-long , straight distance up to 1.2KM open above ; support two-way voice, can be remote control ; included lighting and batteries, convenient car repair nursing or difficult to see the image ; may also be used in infant care or remote monitoring, use broad.

Manipulation of convenience and lower prices make home video surveillance systems have more room for development , network communication technology, image processing technology and the rapid development of compression transmission technology , video surveillance equipment capable of making commercial use of the latest communications and image processing technology, through network to transmit digital images, to provide users with efficient and feasible and inexpensive solution. Through technical means of video surveillance home , supplemented by appropriate network transport stream high compression ratio technology , so that it can better adapt to the home .


Product selling point :

\u003e Photography wide angle shots , you can get high- quality images at your fingertips .

\u003e The receiver of the product mix has two : WS-VIDEO-USB, can be connected to a computer , a computer monitor with a live picture . WS-VIDEO-HOLDER, high-resolution color screen can display real-time monitoring site .

\u003e Ultra-long , straight distance of 1,000 meters above the open (non- interference , open area ) .

\u003e Containing lighting features, easy or difficult to see the car repair video .

\u003e Wide range of uses , a variety of remote monitoring, baby care , flying camera, home security monitoring company factory ...

\u003e Remote wireless monitoring , creating far-reaching security environment.


This product can be widely used in security monitoring, home monitoring in many areas , traffic monitoring, industrial monitoring :

\u003e Care , kindergartens , schools

\u003e Intelligent buildings , smart cell

\u003e Plant wireless monitoring systems, warehouse wireless monitoring system

\u003e Teller machines, bank tellers , supermarket , factory

\u003e Power station , telecom base stations

\u003e Oil , drilling , exploration

\u003e Forests, water , river resources

\u003e Bridges, tunnels, traffic junctions wireless monitoring system

Wireless digital camera :

 \u003e Lens : 1/4 \"CMOS sensor (640x480)

\u003e Microphone: Omnidirectional

\u003e Battery : Built-in 450mA Li-ion

\u003e Operating time: 1 hour

\u003e Lighting : White LED

\u003e Power Specifications : B Type Mini USB DV 5V/1A

\u003e Weight : 40.2g ( including battery / antenna )

Digital color receiver :

 \u003eLCD Size : 10 ~ 16 frames at 320x240 (QVGA), 26 million colors, 0.153 dot matrix

\u003e Battery : Built-in 600mA Li-ion

\u003e Operating time: 1 hour

\u003e Power Specifications : B Type Mini USB DV 5V/1A

\u003e Weight : 122.6g ( including battery )


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