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RFID IC card reader access control card dispenser drive free USB card reader R10C


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RFID IC card reader access control card dispenser drive free USB card reader [ R10C ]
Model : 1729906377


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USBIC reader , which uses radio frequency receiver module microelectronics and embedded micro-controller , combined with efficient decoding algorithms and advanced data processing techniques. The external card reader as a computer input devices , read RFID card 's serial number through the PS / 2 output to the computer , the keyboard automatically lose the equivalent number of available common \"WORD\", \" notepad \" and other software record card , reliable performance, easy operation. Can this record number , derived more management functions.

First, the technical parameters:
Type : R10C
Support cards: m1 standard support , frequency: 13.56MHz compatible card
Communication Format : Extended keyboard code ( can be customized according to customer requirements )
Reading distance : more than 70mm
Reader Time: Less than 100ms
Power supply : USB to take power
Output Interface : Hi-Speed ​​USB
Size : 110 × 80 × 30mm

Second, the installation instructions :
Connect the USB cable , card reader sounds twice , the green light flashes twice , indicating a successful installation

Commonly available \"WORD\", \" Notepad\" software testing. Open the \"WORD\" or \"Notepad\" in the input state credit card, ringing sound, the green light flashes once , \"WORD\" or \"Notepad\" appears and automatically enter a bunch of numbers , which means that the system is normal, there is the required number RF card serial number.

Third, pay attention and Troubleshooting:
1 card reader installed in convenient operating position , while avoiding near the monitor, the monitor due to radiation may interfere with the normal work of the reader .
2 , when the card is not recommended to operate the mouse , avoid transferring data error .
3, the communication cable length between the reader and the computer should be less than 15 meters .
4, to avoid the critical state ( just to reader distance ) reader .
5, USB wiring is correct.
6 , no response card : Interface is plugged ; RF card is a compatible RFID cards ; RF card is already bad ; whether another radio card is in the reader range.
7 , transfer data error : When the card is operating a mouse ; whether it is strong electromagnetic interference environments reader ; communication cable between the reader and the computer is too long ; reader is in a critical state .


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